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Is A Noisy Heat Pump A Cause For Concern?

If you’re dealing with a noisy heat pump, keep reading! As your best choice among heating specialists near Phoenix, Arizona, we definitely have some info for you to keep in mind. There’s no greater feeling than keeping warm during the times when cool weather settles in (especially in Arizona).

However, there can be times when a heat pump making a lot of loud noise can be distracting, and even annoying. What could be the cause? And more importantly, how can you get it to stop?

In this guide, we’ll dive into what may trigger these issues and what you can do to troubleshoot them. If all else fails in terms of troubleshooting, you can rely on American Home Air and Water, your resident heating expert near Glendale, Arizona, to help you figure out the issue and take care of it from there.

Remember that a properly functioning heat pump should be quiet when it’s in operation. Anything but that, and you know that you’ve got a problem on your hands. Let’s dive right in and take a look at what you can do with a noisy heat pump.

How do you know when a noisy heat pump can be an issue?

A potential problem can definitely cause noise from a heat pump. A noisy heat pump fan can be a symptom of something even bigger than you might expect. But don’t worry – this can be something you can try to fix yourself most of the time.

Keep in mind that if all your efforts fail and your heat pump is still making a lot of loud noise, it’s best to call the professionals at AHWA. We’re experts at HVAC repairs, including heat pump issues. With that said, here are some things to look for:

A louder than usual heat pump

If the heat pump sounds louder than normal, you’ll hear a consistent whooshing sound. Typically this happens when the valves inside the pump are shifting. This may also happen when the heat pump itself enters defrost mode.

Noises are heard when it turns on or off

Whether it kicks on or shuts off, you’ll notice a noise that may occur at the same time. This can be scary if it’s something you are not used to, but you’ll quickly learn to recognize when it happens. How much noise is made can often depend on the type of compressor being used.

Some heat pumps with a scroll-type compressor will also make noises when operational. Typically, these will sound more like clicks and taps when the pump shuts off.

If the pump turns on, the noises will be more rickety, something like putting a sneaker in a dryer and starting it up. The overall effect may sound like the entire unit is bouncing around, but this is normal and part of its normal function.

Metal on metal sounds

If the heat pump sounds like metal rattling against each other, this may be one of those times when a noisy heat pump fan can be a problem. If this happens, you’ll want to shut off the heating unit as soon as possible.

From there, you’ll need to take a look at the fan. The noises can be caused by the fan making contact with an object. Typically, this can be a loose component or other small objects inside the unit.

Either way, you do not want to keep the fan running under any circumstances in this situation. Otherwise, you risk destroying not only the fan itself but also the motor. Repairing this can be very expensive.

Humming noise

If the heat pump is humming, you can easily solve the problem after identifying the underlying cause. If there are any vibration noises, you can place rubber pads where needed to buffer them. If the sounds are rattling louder, you could consider checking to see if the cover panel is secured properly. If it isn’t, make sure to go ahead and tighten the screws. 

These are just a couple of common solutions. If nothing else seems to work and the noises persist, you should consider calling a professional like AHWA.

Buzzing, gurgling, or grinding sounds

If your heat pump makes intermittent buzzing noises, this can be due to what may be going on inside the pump. Your components, such as the coils, could be having an issue.

If it’s gurgling, check if the refrigerant charge levels are low. Last but not least, if you hear any grinding, check to see if the motor is working properly. These grinding sounds can mean that the motor may be on its last legs.

It’s important that you check your heat pump regularly to stay on top of these issues. Some of these may happen right under the radar. And we won’t notice them until it may be too late.

Maintenance tips

If you want to keep things in good shape, we have some maintenance tips for you to consider. Here’s what you should do regularly:

  • Check the unit regularly: This can be done every week or month. See if there is any visible damage or any screws loose. Tighten the screws if needed. Also, check for leaks and wear and tear (especially the belt).
  • Clean the fan blades: Dirty fan blades can be a problem. Be sure to clean them when you can do so safely. Furthermore, see if they can spin properly.
  • Replace any worn or malfunctioning components: This may be done by professionals. If any components need to be replaced, have them done as soon as possible. Remember that these replacements and repairs can be costly if you delay them.

Final Thoughts

If you notice a noisy heat pump, then you can usually resolve most problems if they end up being simple fixes like what we’ve covered. However, it’s important to act on it as soon as you pick up on it before further damage is caused.

If the simple fixes are not enough, you can contact American Home Water & Air. We are your heat unit experts near Scottsdale, Arizona, that will help figure out the problem if all options are exhausted. If you are having trouble with your heat pump, contact us.

Contact us today at 602-993-0083, and we’ll be happy to help you with your heat pump needs.

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