Residential Water Pressure Regulator (PRV) Installation

A water pressure regulator or PRV is a plumbing valve that reduces the water pressure coming from the main water line into your house. This helps ensure safe operation of equipment designed for specific pressure levels.

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4 Reasons You May Need A Water Pressure Regulator Valve

Your Plumbing System Is Designed To Handle A Certain Pressure

A home water pressure regulator helps to control or limit the water pressure. Your plumbing has design limitations concerning how much water pressure it can handle. When there is too much pressure, the pipes will start to crack and break. Therefore, the valve protects the plumbing in your home from leaks and damage. It is especially important if you live in a high-water pressure zone, such as at the end of a cul-de-sac or dead end street.

It Protects Your Appliances And Fixture From Breaking

Besides the problems of water pressure in your pipes, high pressure puts added stress on your appliances and fixtures. The lifespan of these appliances and fixtures will diminish exponentially, depending on how high the pressure is. Since they are not cheap to replace, you will want to protect them.

It Can Help You Save Water

A residential water pressure regulator means less water coming out of fixtures. Research shows that more water at a higher pressure doesn’t necessarily mean you use it. Rather, it’s more waste. The trick is finding the right balance of pressure and what you need.

It’s a Safety Feature

A PRV (particularly in the case of an RV water pressure regulator) is a safety feature that stops too much pressure from rupturing your plumbing and causing injury. One of the most dangerous situations is when there is too much pressure in your water heater. This can cause an explosion that a valve would have prevented


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