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Find Air Conditioning Parts and Accessories in Phoenix, AZ

Looking for Air Conditioning Accessories in Phoenix, AZ?

At American Home Water & Air, we’ve been the trusted source for HVAC services and parts in Phoenix for more than 35 years. We offer unmatched service and access to high-quality air conditioning parts.

We’ll make sure that the components used for your AC Installation In Phoenix, Arizona would be as efficient, safe, and reliable as possible.

If ever you encounter problems with your air conditioning units, trust us for your AC repair in Phoenix, AZ. Our team of experienced professionals will be there immediately to bring your AC back to top running condition.



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The AmRad TES5 Hard Start is the only kit of its kind to be Made in the USA. This high-quality hard start kit is dual-wired and comes pre-assembled, making for easy installation and operation.

We recommend the AmRad TES5 for all air conditioners dealing with chronic hard start problems. You’ll be surprised at how your air conditioner springs to life, every time, with the addition of this simple accessory!


The Air Scrubber Plus is the absolute best in indoor air filtration technology.

It features ActivePure® technology, made right here in the USA. ActivePure® is the only air filtration technology to have received the Certified Space Technology seal from the Space Foundation.

 It’s cleared to keep air free of pollutants and particles aboard the International Space Station. Hard to beat that!


The Mars Surge Protector keeps your expensive air conditioning equipment safe from power surges and transients that can damage delicate components like compressors, logic boards, and motors.

The Mars Surge Protector is a heavy-duty unit trusted by millions of Americans. It uses state-of-the-art thermally protected MOV technology to offer protection against surges more reliably than competing units.


Condensate safety switches are vital for preventing water damage throughout your home. They attach to the side of your condensate drain, providing protection against clogging.

Without a condensate safety switch, your condensate drain system would overflow, which is a typical cause of bulging ceilings, soaked ductwork, and wet insulation. There’s no need! Our condensate safety switches are super affordable and easy to install.

Why Choose Us for HVAC Parts and Accessories in Phoenix, AZ?

Thousands of Phoenix, AZ residents have trusted American Home Water & Air for decades. Here are just a few of the reasons.

Anytime Service

HVAC system emergencies don’t only happen during business hours. If a part breaks in the middle of the night at puts your home at risk of flooding, give us a call.

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Our HVAC professionals will help you find the right air conditioning accessories and parts, every time. We'll get you what you need!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 1,000+ five-star reviews make it clear: we take pride in our reputation. We always strive to make things right when advising customers on HVAC parts.

We Love What We Do

We’re passionate about providing the highest quality HVAC service in Phoenix, Arizona. We strive to not only provide service to our customers but educate them on best practices as well.

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