Here’s Why Water Backs Up Into Your Tub

When you are using your tub you want a relaxing experience that is pleasant to both your eyes and nose.  Unfortunately, there are occasions when water and other liquids rise into your tub.  There are many reasons why this occurs and it is important to properly understand and learn how to prevent this from happening.  Some kitchens and bathrooms are high-traffic areas in most homes, therefore people depend on their plumbing to function properly every day.  When your bathroom is out of commission it causes a large disruption to your daily routine.   Dirty water coming back up through your drain …

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How To Troubleshoot A Trane Furnace

Trane Technologies Inc. manufactures heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems and building management systems and controls.  Your Trane system can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years and because of this life expectancy, your Trane system is highly dependable and cost-effective. Your central heating, air-conditioning systems, and ventilation are all provided by Trane technology. Both the Trane XR80 and Trane XR90 are gas furnaces.  They are a single-stage gas furnace that is controlled by its thermostat.  The Trane XR80 furnace is attached to the HVAC ducting system in your home. This furnace is top of the line, but there can …

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What Causes High Suction Pressure? Everything You Need To Know

One issue that is commonly faced by HVAC systems is high suction pressure. But what causes high suction pressure? You need to have a good understanding of your refrigeration cycle to see what is happening in each process.  If you do not have an understanding then you will spend more time guessing what the problem is instead of solving the problem.   The refrigeration cycle should be examined.  A basic understanding of your refrigeration system is learning about the two operating systems.  The two systems are suction pressure and discharging pressure.  There are both high and low settings for each pressure line. …

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Why is Your Air Conditioning Unit On the Roof in Arizona?

It’s not uncommon to see an air conditioning unit on the roof in Arizona because these systems require optimal circulation and ventilation in such a hot climate. In Arizona, there are two unique styles of air conditioning systems that are commonly found in residential areas.  If you are upgrading to either a more advanced cooling system or changing the location of your air conditioner it is important to understand why your unit should be placed on your roof if it’s at all possible.   In Arizona, the heat can be hard to manage, and making sure your cooling system is working …

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5 Electric Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Technical difficulties are a pain, especially when they affect your electrical furnace during the cold of the winter.  Many people are usually stranded and have no idea how to deal with the situation. Before they know it, they start panicking because their electric furnace won’t turn on.  In such difficult times, you need to be able to conduct several electric furnace troubleshooting procedures.  Don’t worry. We will carefully take you through these procedures and hopefully, revive your electric furnace.  For your electric furnace to turn off, there has to be a problem within the unit. The problem can either be …

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