Types of Water Contaminants Found In Arizona’s Water

Arizona is the fourth driest state in the nation and water needs to be conserved and used efficiently. The hard water climate in Phoenix means that water quality is a constant challenge for the city’s residents. Still, they have made significant strides in maintaining the water quality that is made available. Wells are the most common drinking water source in Arizona because there are few rivers or lakes for surface-water supply. Wells may be drilled into bedrock or into unconsolidated material that yields groundwater. In either case, many types of common contaminants in water from the outside environment may become …

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How To Remove Nitrates from Well Water

For all families, access to clean and safe drinking water is a necessity, not a luxury.  When your access to an essential need is jeopardized, it’s easy to become panicked or worried about the outcome and effect on your family.  Nitrates are one of the most common contaminants which can be found in your drinking water well supply, and well owners may face a struggle in figuring out how to remove nitrates from their well water.  Fear not – We’re here to help you keep your family safe, and protect your water supply. Read on to find out the effect …

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water heater smell

Why Does My Water Heater Smell?

Imagine going home after a long day, looking forward to taking a much-needed hot shower, only to notice a foul odor. You check where it’s coming from and it’s your water heater! There’s nothing that ruins a relaxing hot bath more than that rotten egg smell that you just can’t expel. If your water heater is reeking of sewer odor, rotten eggs, bleach, gas, or even fish, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Water heater odors are a common occurrence in households. It also happens in faucets and other fixtures where running water passes through. But why does it happen and …

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Water Softeners vs Water Conditioners: Which One Has Better Value?

Hard water is a significant problem faced by about 85% of homeowners in the United States. It is not just bad for your health, but it also damages the pipes and fixtures within your home, which leads to clogged pipes and shortens the life cycle of appliances.  Contaminated water is the other aspect that should be a major concern. Not only can it taste and smell bad, but it can also cause sensitivity, and in the worst scenarios, it can lead to severe health problems. Several systems are available to soften or purify water. However, selecting an ideal fix from …

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Furnace Is Making Noise? Here’s What to Do

Furnaces, like most other household equipment, can run into issues. This can be either from wear and tear or simply a fault in the system. When this happens, the furnace develops mechanical issues, which may cause your furnace to start making noise. Depending on the underlying issue, the furnace may start making a loud buzzing noise or pitching noise. At American Home Water and Air, we have come up with a few reasons why your furnace is making noise and what to do when that happens. However, we advise that you get a professional to do any repairs. Repairing it …

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