Water Heaters

How to Do A Water Heater Flush Safely

Your water heater is what provides all the essential hot water to your house when you need it. The times you realize how important it truly is can often be when it isn’t working or is backed up. To make sure your water heater is working properly, you have to make sure to flush it out to ensure it works at its best capacity. To help you understand the basics of water heater flushing, we will first look at why it is so important and how often you should go about doing it. We will then walk you through a …

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Hot Water Heater Not Working? Here’s What to Do

Every house has a water heater that works hard and all throughout the day to make sure that we have hot water when we turn the faucet. However, these appliances are not invincible and can struggle just like any other large home appliance. Today we will take a look at some common issues people face when their water heaters are not working. These can range from super easy fixes to potential replacement needs, so we’ll look at a range of potential causes There is no need to panic as most common water heater problems are easily resolvable. Let’s start off …

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water heater hissing

Water Heater Hissing? Do This Immediately!

Have you noticed that your water heater is making a hissing noise? Before you jump to any conclusions, let us reassure you that there are a range of reasons why it could be doing this. Yes, some water heater hissing sounds are an indication of a bigger problem that will, unfortunately, require repair or replacement of your water heater. However, there are some reasons why your water heater may be making a hissing sound that is completely normal or only requires a small fix. We take a look at each of the reasons why your hot water heater might be …

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Tankless Water Heater vs. Tank

Tankless Water Heater vs. Tank: Which Is Right For You?

The tankless water heater vs. tank debate rages fiercely among homeowners and industry professionals alike.  While tank and tankless water heaters serve the same purpose, they have different modes of operation. Tankless water heaters work on demand, heating your water when you open the faucet. Storage tank water heaters, on the other hand, work continuously. In this guide, we’ll explore the difference between tankless vs. tank water heaters, including a more in-depth look at how each one works. You’ll also get to learn their pros and cons and the costs involved when installing either. Tankless Water Heaters  As mentioned earlier, …

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How Long Do Water Heaters Last

How Long Do Water Heaters Last? Find Out What to Expect

How long do water heaters last? These units aren’t cheap so this is a very pertinent question as you shop around.  It’s important to note that there are two major types of water heaters with different lifespans. These are tankless and tank storage water heaters. Their lifespans vary because they operate differently. Tank water heaters heat water continuously while the tankless ones only heat water when needed. In this guide, we look at the durability of the two models of water heaters and the factors that can influence their longevity. Some of the topics we’ll cover in this article include: …

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