5 Electric Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Technical difficulties are a pain, especially when they affect your electrical furnace during the cold of the winter.  Many people are usually stranded and have no idea how to deal with the situation. Before they know it, they start panicking because their electric furnace won’t turn on.  In such difficult times, you need to be able to conduct several electric furnace troubleshooting procedures.  Don’t worry. We will carefully take you through these procedures and hopefully, revive your electric furnace.  For your electric furnace to turn off, there has to be a problem within the unit. The problem can either be …

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6 Air Conditioner Fire Prevention Measures

The air conditioner has turned into a vital feature in our homes, which you probably use every day. Today there is no way we could endure summer heat without cool air inside our homes. However, did you know that if your AC is not working properly, it could lead to an air conditioner fire inside your home? An air conditioner fire is more common than what you might think. According to a 2016 National Fire Report, annually, HVAC fires cause 20 deaths, around 140 injuries and property damage of $82 million. Experts in the report further say that if your …

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7 Nest Thermostat Benefits To Consider

Want to save at least 25% of the money you spend on electricity bills? What if we told you there is a thermostat that can read your every thought? We’re not kidding. The Nest Thermostat is something else.  Some people refer to it as the “self-learning” thermostat. This device learns all about your temperature preferences and strives to maintain your indoor temperatures.  It’s surprising just how many people are outdated when it comes to HVAC technology.  The majority of people are quick to install programmable thermostats, yet they have no idea how they can use them to their advantage.  Did you …

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Here Is What To Do When Your AC Blows A Fuse

When your AC blows a fuse regularly, it can be concerning, to say the least. Not only can an electrical shock permanently damage your air conditioner, but it can also lead to the destruction of property, and in the worst-case scenario, the loss of lives.  Therefore, we’d like to advise you earlier on to always be on the lookout for AC electrical problems (especially if your system and wiring is a few years old).   So what should you do when your AC blows a fuse? The first thing you have to acknowledge is the fact that your air conditioner can’t …

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Noisy AC Compressor? This Might Be The Culprit

We all know the important roles that compressors play in air conditioning units. They’re like the hearts of air conditioners. Just like the heart, air conditioner compressors are delicate and easily damaged. A noisy AC compressor is a bad sign. Here’s what it means – and what to do about it. How do AC compressors work? In case you didn’t know, air conditioners cool air by first absorbing your hot indoor air and exposing it to cold refrigerant that absorbs heat.  After heat absorption, the cold air is then pushed back into your room. Ever wondered what happens to the now “warm” refrigerant? …

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