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5 Common Reasons Why Your Toilet Has Weak Flush and How to Fix

A weak and slow flushing toilet can be both inconvenient and wasteful, as it leads to wasted water and excessive consumption that ends up significantly increasing your water bill.

There are multiple reasons that you could be experiencing a toilet with weak flushing. This blog post will examine some common causes and will go over how you can address this issue.

Possible reasons your toilet has a weak flush

Here are some common reasons why you may be experiencing weak toilet flushes.

  1. Toilet bowl leakage

Toilet bowl leakage often results in poor flushes and incomplete draining. Cracks in the porcelain or incorrect tank installation can cause water to escape from the bowl before it can properly and fully flush any contents.

This can result in you having to flush twice just to get everything down, which can be annoying at the least and costly at most when excess water is used.

  1. Toilet clogs

Toilet clogs are another possible culprit on our list of weak toilet flush causes.

Too much solid waste accumulating in your toilet bowl can prevent wastewater from properly draining, which, in turn, leads to weak or incomplete flushes as water flow is obstructed.

Clogs are commonly caused by excess toilet paper use, as well as objects being flushed down the toilet that ought not to be (e.g., wet wipes, sanitary napkins, cleaning products, etc.). These objects end up getting caught in pipes, hindering water flow.

  1. Low water pressure 

Low water pressure will also result in weaker flushes, as less water reaches your bowl and causes incomplete flushing. This may possibly be caused by several issues, such as broken tank valves or worn toilet tank parts.

When you’re dealing with low water pressure (especially when it’s a sudden onset), it’s highly recommended to get in touch with a professional plumber so they can inspect your system to determine the cause and suggest a solution.

  1. An improperly adjusted float ball

For your toilet to function effectively, its float ball must rest directly above the discharge tube and flush valve, as well as beside the overflow tube, without touching either side of the tank.

If the float ball isn’t properly adjusted, not enough water will be able to reach the toilet bowl, resulting in a toilet with poor flushes.

To have the float ball adjusted, simply contact a local plumber to have them help out. They’ll have the right tools and know-how to resolve this issue.

  1. Faulty flapper

The faulty flapper is the component that regulates water flow between the tank and bowl.

Over time its effectiveness can deteriorate due to either wear and tear or improper adjustment, leading to ineffective flushing performance. Additionally, rubber flappers exposed to air can crack over time.

This key component of your toilet can be easily replaced by a plumber during repairs or plumbing maintenance.

How to fix a weak flushing toilet

Here are some weak toilet flush fixes to help resolve this issue.

Check your toilet for cracks

Inspect your toilet bowl and tank for cracks, as this can cause leaking and prevent sufficient flushing. 

If you notice any damaged parts, get in touch with a plumber so they can promptly repair or replace them.

Unclog your toilet

To unclog your toilet, first try using a plunger to clear any obstructions.

Some clogs can be quite stubborn though, so if you find that you can’t get rid of the blockage, seek professional assistance immediately from a local plumber.

Correctly align your float ball

As previously mentioned, toilet flushing that’s slow and weak can be caused by an improperly adjusted float ball, as it prevents your tank from being sufficiently flushed out. 

For optimal results, it needs to be realigned. To do so, it’s best to have a plumber complete the job.

Ensure the toilet is properly aligned and set

It’s imperative that your toilet is aligned and set. Any misalignments could result in ineffective flushing due to limited bowl space.

A professional plumber can help you resolve this problem to ensure maximum effectiveness in flushing.

Install replacement parts

Other malfunctioning parts can cause a toilet with weak flushing, so to ensure optimal functioning, it’s critical that any worn or damaged components be promptly replaced as soon as it’s noticed.

This will keep your toilet running properly for years to come.

Have your tank assessed

If you’ve looked over your toilet tank yourself and can’t seem to find any damage or anything that’s amiss, you might want to have a plumber look over it.

Having an assessment conducted on the tank is vital. What follows may be necessary modifications and changes as required to restore the proper functioning of your toilet.

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A toilet with weak flushing can be incredibly inconvenient and can cost you in the long run, raising your water bill when you need to flush more than once. We hope this article has helped explain why you may be experiencing this issue.

If you need help with your weak flushing toilet, consider getting in touch with American Home Water & Air’s plumbing professionals. We provide timely service and promise transparent pricing to homeowners in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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