Pro Health Water Filtration Systems in Phoenix AZ

Seven- Stage Whole House Water Filtration in Phoenix

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A High flow 1″ Valve, Chrome Jacket, 48K resin, 14 x 14″ Brine Tank

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Benefits of Pro Health Water Filtration Systems for Phoenix Residents

  • Unit utilizes a heat and chlorine resistant resin designed specifically for desert climates.
  • Features quartz under-bedding that provides enhanced flow and reduces channeling effects.
  • Silica filtration added to the under-bedding removes sediment and debris down to approximately forty microns.
  • Compartmentalized for future serviceability, electrolytic media is added to create a bacteriostatic environment as well as reduce chlorine content. This media also extends the life of resin & carbon.
  • Coconut shell carbon reduces fluid contaminants in your water: Chlorine, THM’s, and PCB’s to mention a few.
  • Bituminous coal carbon compliments coconut shell carbon and widens the protection parameters to reduce a wider spectrum of fluid contaminants.
  • Calcite assists in adjusting the PH in your water from acidic to neutral as needed.

All Components are NSF Approved, Consumer Safe for Residential Water Filtration in Phoenix​

This is our state of the art whole house drinking water system and softener. It has 7 stages of filtration and provides the purest water available to every faucet in your home. You can protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of dermal absorption (through the skin) of contaminants. The Environmental Protection Agency says these can be especially harmful to babies and pregnant women.

These state of the art systems provide the ultimate in water safety and dependability. They have seven stages of water filtration to ensure the ultimate in safe drinking water is delivered to every faucet in your home. They remove:

  • Calcium
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Heavy Metals
  • Arsenic
  • Bacteria
  • Pesticides

You receive all the benefits of soft water plus the added safety of purified water, giving you the ultimate in safe drinking water.

Water Filtration Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best water filtration systems?

Water filtration systems in Phoenix, AZ need to account for the high mineral levels found in the region’s water. This is why our Pro Health System removes not just contaminants but minerals as well. It’s specially designed to meet the needs of residents in the state of Arizona.

What do water filtration systems do?

Good water filtration systems remove the following contaminants, all of which are prominent in Arizona’s water supply:

  • chlorine
  • THM’s
  • PCB’s
  • pesticides
  • minerals like calcium

How do water filtration systems work?

Water filtration systems in Phoenix rely on a variety of processes to provide you with clean drinking water. Our Pro Health System uses silica filtration, resin beads, and coconut shell carbon to filter and softener your home’s water supply.

In most cases, water filters use pressure (either from your home’s water supply or pressure generated by the machine itself) to pump water through a series of filters that trap contaminants.

How do whole house water filtration systems work?

A whole house water filtration system is classified as a “point-of-entry” filter. This differs from “point-of-use” filters that only treat water before it comes out of your faucet or showerhead. There is a time and place for these filters but the advantage of a whole-house unit is that it protects equipment such as your water heater from damage caused by buildups in chemicals and sediment.

Which water filtration systems are the most user-friendly?

The Pro Health System is very easy to use. It is compartmentalized, allowing for simple servicing in the future. The components are also designed to last as long as possible within desert climates like Arizona’s. As such, you will rarely need to service the filter on your own.

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