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Water Softeners in Phoenix, AZ

In need of installation, maintenance, or repair for your water softener in Phoenix, AZ? Trust the city’s leading experts at American Home Water and Air!

With American Home Water and Air water softeners, you can count on:

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Water Softener Services in Phoenix, Arizona

At American Home Water and Air,  we focus on delivering high-quality Phoenix water softener installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our work speaks for itself! 

We’ve been installing Phoenix, AZ water softeners for more than 35 years. In that time, we’ve consistently offered our customers cutting edge water softening technology. Our equipment is manufactured and assembled right here in the United States, which means you can count on incredible quality and reliability.

If your softener has sprung a leak or isn’t demineralizing your water adequately, give us a call! Our technicians have the tools and expertise required to pinpoint issues and fix them fast.

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We also provide a variety of top-rated services in several service areas like Plumbing & HVAC services in Gilbert, Glendale HVAC and plumbing, plumbing and HVAC in Surprise, plumbing and HVAC in Scottsdale, and many other areas in Arizona.Water softener issues we commonly solve include:

  • Excessive salt bridges
  • Improper salt usage
  • Expired resin beads
  • Excessively salty water
  • Regeneration issues
  • Continuous regeneration
  • Brine tank filled with water
  • Water discoloration
  • Inadequate water levels
  • Low water pressure
  • Strange noises

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Water Softener Service FAQs

Softened water not only makes your life easier; it also saves you money. Figuring very conservatively, conditioned water will save a family of four between $80 to $100, or more, every month. Our whole-house systems will pay for themselves within 12 to 24 months depending on the size of your family and the hardness of your water. This means every year or two you go without conditioned water, you will have paid for a water softener system.

Customers who do not want to add sodium to their water, but still want the benefits of soft water have the option of using potassium; a salt substitute. At American Home Water and Air, we recommend salt because of the cost advantage and the fact that water softeners only add about 20% more sodium to the water than is already in the water before it goes into the softener.

Also, sodium is only harmful if you are on a strict low sodium diet in which case you should only drink bottled or RO water and even avoid tap water. Check out our page on whether soft water is safe to drink.

Many companies on the Internet and elsewhere advertise no salt softeners. These companies are misleading their customers into thinking that their systems will remove calcium from the water and produce soft water. Any consumer who is considering one of these units should do research by independent sources. These units are never sold by reputable companies in the water industry.

If you measure the water hardness with a hardness test kit you will find that the hardness level is the same as before the units. These companies cannot provide any independent analysis that will verify that these units provide soft water and they can not get the Water Quality Associations to approve their units. They are similar to the companies that sell magnets that are supposed to give better gas mileage but have never worked.

We have replaced many of these units with real water softeners after customers have spent thousands of dollars only to find out they do not soften the water. They generally make the water taste better, but do nothing to remove the calcium from the water which is what causes all the problems associated with hard water, especially in Arizona. The only cost-effective way to remove calcium from water is the ion exchange method employed by conventional water softeners. 

A lot of customers ask why there is such a difference in the price of water filtration systems. The answer is that although the equipment costs almost the same on the wholesale level, on the retail level many companies do a lot of expensive marketing and pay high sales commissions which are then added to the price of the system driving the prices out of sight. The other reason is that most of these marketing companies sell very few systems and have to make their profits on only a few customers.

American Home Water and Air strives for transparent pricing, that is why we created a simple Water Softener Cost Calculator where you can check the price beforehand. We install 40 to 70 systems a week and our operating costs are spread over more customers. The price has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the equipment you are purchasing. In fact, most marketing companies seek out equipment that they will have exclusivity so competitors will not be able to match products. This is usually equipment that is not well tested and without a history of reliability. American Home Water and Air only recommends equipment with a long history of reliability that we feel comfortable backing up with a long labor warranty. 

We are often asked if a water softener harms the environment. The overall environmental impact is actually very positive. Although water softeners use salt to function, they are beneficial because they help households save energy and substantially reduce the amount of detergent and chemicals required for household cleaning. It’s a bit of a trade-off, but cleaning products are much more harmful to the environment than the salt consumed by a water softener. Potassium can be used to even further reduce the environmental impact. 

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American Home Water and Air has been the top choice for water softener systems in Phoenix, Arizona for more than 35 years. Here’s what makes us great.

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