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Arizona heat and dust, can really do a number to your air conditioning system. Being proactive and informed on your system's health can make all the difference. Sleep well knowing your HVAC system is protected and the problems are caught before they become a much larger issue.
Side Benefits
* Discount on Replacement Parts ($200 max per system)
Recommended for air conditioning units less than 5 years old

$130 / AC unit per year


As your air conditioning system reaches middle-age, a periodic tune-up is necessary to maintain peak efficiency and comfort. A thorough 42 point service of all major components ensures that you will get the most out of your system for years to come.
Side Benefits
* Discount on Replacement Parts ($200 max per system)
Recommended for air conditioning units 5 -10 years old

$210 / AC unit per year

Performance Plus

Our 70 Point Performance Plus service is designed specifically for older air conditioning systems. A serious probe of the home’s ductwork will improve the system’s efficiency and performance. An extensive inspection and tune-up will help discover underperforming components before serious problems arise.
Side Benefits
* Discount on Replacement Parts ($200 max per system)
** Replacement Discount of 10% ($600 max per system)
Recommended for air conditioning units over 10 years old

$290 / AC unit per year

Non-VIP Air Conditioning Membership Pricing​

NON VIP Member Only
Monday-Friday Before 3 pm
$75 waived only parts and labor
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Monday-Friday After 3 pm
$99.00 + Parts
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$99.00 + Parts
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$99.00 + Parts
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Avoid Costly Surprises with Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

At American Home Water and Air, we strive to provide the very best air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation services in Phoenix, AZ. We know that an AC tune-up is crucial for keeping your family comfortable and safe during the hot summer months in Arizona, which is why we make the process so easy with our Comfort Club program. 

Whether you have one air conditioning unit or four, we have a competitively-priced HVAC service plan for you. Receive discounts on service, parts, and good customer service for however many air conditioners are covered under your heating and cooling maintenance plan.  American Home Water and Air guarantees that you’ll be provided only with the best and top rated services in Phoenix.

Here Is What Our Comfort Club AC Maintentance Plan Offers


    Having an unexpected emergency with your heating or air conditioning system? VIP members can contact us during business hours and receive priority scheduling.


    Receive amazing air conditioning discounts on parts and labor. Plus, you can always rely on us to be upfront about costs – no hidden surprises!


    Our air conditioning technicians will make note of the status of your air conditioner and get in touch when it’s time to schedule your next AC tune-up.


    American Home water & Air air conditioning technicians will take care of ALL your heating systems using our AC tune-up checklists. Our full service has got you covered from duct cleaning, heat pump setting, all the way down to air conditioning repair.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance Visits

Our trained & professional service technicians will provide the following multi-point annual AC tune-up visits, including:



In addition to inspecting the above components as needed, our technicians will do the following during fall and winter AC tune-up calls.

4 Reasons to Choose Us for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

American Home Water and Air has been Phoenix’s trusted provider of air conditioning repair and maintenance for more than 35 years. Here are a few reasons.

Anytime Service

Air conditioning system emergencies don’t only happen during business hours. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there to lend a hand. Members of our AC tune-up program receive priority booking.

Expert Service Professionals

We hire the most adept and professional AC technicians in Phoenix, AZ. You can count on our staff being well-trained, courteous, and punctual, regardless of which of our HVAC service plans you've selected.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 2,000+ five-star reviews make it clear: we take pride in our reputation. If you're not happy with our AC tune-up plan, you can count on us to make it right and our customer service is standing by to take your call.

We Love What We Do

We’re passionate about providing the highest quality Air conditioning services in Phoenix, AZ. We strive to not only provide service to our customers but educate them on best practices as well.

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