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Why Are Trane HVAC Units So Popular?

Trane is one of the most popular HVAC manufacturers in the world. But how did the Dublin-based company achieve such status? Is it warranted? Keep reading to learn more.

Why Trane HVAC Units Are So Popular

These points are in no particular order.

1. They’re High Quality

Trane makes some of the highest-quality air conditioners and furnaces on the market, living up to its slogan, “it’s hard to stop a Trane.” Consumers want reliability, which bodes very well for such a venerable brand. After all, nobody wants to risk having their air conditioner fail on one of Phoenix’s characteristically sweltering days!

2. They’re Easy to Maintain

All HVAC units require maintenance. Because Trane’s products are built to last, this maintenance tends to be quite simple and predictable, which consumers appreciate. Additionally, because Trane HVAC units are so common, it’s incredibly easy to find replacement parts and keep your unit running smoothly. It’s also very easy to find a technician capable of servicing your Trane HVAC unit. Check out our guide to troubleshooting Trane furnace for more information

3. They’re Easy to Find

When people go shopping for a new HVAC unit, it’s usually because their old one has kicked the bucket. In other words, they don’t have time to waste hunting down a furnace or air conditioner from some obscure brand. Thankfully, it’s not hard to find a Trane HVAC system. They’re sold just about anywhere you can find quality HVAC equipment!

4. They Come in a Wide Variety of Specifications

Choosing the right air conditioner or furnace for your home requires careful consideration of your cooling needs. You need to identify the ideal BTUs, SEER ratings, and more. Trane’s wide range of products makes it very easy to find the exact unit you need without compromising.

5. Trane Offers Fantastic Warranties

Trane warranties every single one of its residential HVAC units for between 1 and 20 years, depending on the model. Plus, when you register your Trane HVAC unit within 60 days, you’ll receive an additional warranty ranging from 5 years to the product’s lifetime, depending on the unit. It’s also very easy to transfer your warranty to a new owner, which can help expedite the sale of your home.

Given how big of an investment a new HVAC unit constitutes, this warranty policy offers considerable peace of mind. You can also check our article on “Trane Vs. Carrier Vs. Lennox Air Conditioner” for more information.

Looking for a Trane Furnace or Air Conditioner in Phoenix? Contact American Home Water & Air

At American Home Water & Air, we’re proud to carry and service Trane HVAC units. If you live in Phoenix and need a Trane HVAC unit (or maintenance), get a quote from us here. We look forward to helping you, just as we’ve done for countless Phoenix, Arizona residents over the past more than 30 years.

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