Big Blue Water Filter in Phoenix

Big Blue whole house water filter systems are incredibly convenient for purifying all of your home’s water. Whole house water filters are categorized as point-of-entry (POE) filters, because they filter all the water that enters your home, before it gets distributed to water outlets throughout your house.

You can get Big Blue Whole House Water Filter from American Home Water and Air for $450. Get it for $350 when you purchase a water softener!

This means you get the same quality filtered water throughout your home without having to install filters for each faucet or shower head. What are the advantages and disadvantages of whole house water filters, and should you buy one for your home? 

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Pros and Cons of Big Blue Water Filters

Pros of The Big Blue Whole House Filter

Some of the most important advantages of whole house water filters can be summed up as follows:


With the Big Blue whole house filter, water gets purified as soon as it enters your home. Whether you’re using the water for tea, bathing, or laundry, you can do so knowing it’s free from harmful contaminants.


Without a whole house water filter, you’d be forced to install an individual system for every important outlet in your home and keep track of maintenance for them. With the Big Blue water filter, replacement only involves dealing with one unit -- a major time and cost savings.


Don’t mistakenly believe that the Big Blue water filter’s ease of use means it’s ineffective. Within the Big Blue water filter housing lies a multi-stage filtration system. In other words, it combines many filtration methods to rid your water of many harmful contaminants that point-of-use filters cannot.

Cons of Big Blue Whole House Water Filters

While whole house filtration systems have plenty of advantages, they do come with certain disadvantages too:

Whole house filters filter all water supplied to your home, without the possibility of “fine-tuning” this filtration process. Point-of-use filters like under-sink filters of shower filters can allow you to take a more targeted approach to filtration and obtain filtered water of the desired quality, instead of having drinking water quality filtered water at every water outlet.

Installing a whole house water filter requires more plumbing skills than installing a simple counter-top or under-sink water filter, and you may need to hire a plumber for this purpose.

Big Blue Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you change a Big Blue water filter?

Big Blue water filter housing should last you 10 years with no issues. The manufacturer recommends a replacement at the 10-year mark. If you don’t, you may find that the plastic housing starts to crack and doesn’t fit in place as neatly as it once did.

To avoid disruption to your water filtration, be proactive and have the housing replaced before it reaches the 10-year mark.

Within the Big Blue water filter housing, you’ll also find the filter cartridge itself. You should replace this every year.

How do you install a Big Blue water filter replacement cartridge?

Your Big Blue water filter should have come with a black circular wrench that fits around the unit. After you’ve bypassed water to the filter and pressed the bright red button on top, use this wrench to unscrew it slightly. 

Then, use both hands to support the filter as you continue to unscrew it. Empty the water into a bucket then remove the existing cartridge and put the new one in its place. 

Screw the filter back on and reactivate the water.

How do you change a Big Blue water filter lubrication gasket?

If you follow the steps mentioned above for removing the Big Blue filter, you’ll notice that a gasket falls out as you pull the unit away from the black component it is screwed into. Simply replace this gasket with the new part when you screw the filter back in place.

Why is a Big Blue filter needed for a water softener?

Placing a Big Blue filter prior to your softener will help protect the latter from sediment it is not designed to handle. As a result, the softener will last longer and be more effective at reducing water hardness.

Who makes the Big Blue water filter system?

The Big Blue water filter is manufactured by a company called Pentek. Don’t be fooled; there are many companies that manufacture similar-looking filters but the ‘Big Blue’ moniker is a trademark.