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solar powered air conditioner

Solar Powered Air Conditioner, the Future of HVAC?

When alternative energy resources are suggested, it comes as no surprise that we talk about solar energy as the main option. Solar energy seems to be all the rage these days, perhaps for a good reason. Does this mean we’ll see a solar powered air conditioner as the norm for many households?

The answer may be a resounding yes. We’ll be discussing solar power air conditioners, including their pros and cons. Many of them are being powered by regular electricity for the time being.

With clean energy being the go-to option for the environmentally conscious, we may very well be preparing for what could be the future of HVAC. Could a solar powered air conditioner be the most cost-effective solution compared to electricity?

Let’s discuss this further so you get a good idea of what they can do for you.

What are solar powered air conditioners?

A solar powered air conditioner will run on solar power (how else). As for how many solar panels it may need to operate, the answer is: it depends. For example, three solar panels will contain at least 320 watts apiece.

At this rate, you could be able to use an air conditioner that can cool off a studio apartment or a small home. The larger the space, the more solar panels you’ll need for your solar AC. Keep this in mind if you consider a solar powered air conditioner yourself.

How long have solar powered air conditioners been on the market?

Solar powered air conditioners have been on the market for a few years. During its development, they have run into certain issues that had delayed their imminent appearance on the market. An example is that solar power was considered inconsistent when working with single-speed compressors.

Because of this, newly designed compressors were created to help work with solar power. The fans will run at various speeds during their operation and can operate directly with solar power itself.

What is the current price for a solar powered air conditioner?

Solar powered air conditioner prices will vary depending on the brand. Some of these prices will exclude any installation fees that retailers can include.

SolarAir World will have air conditioners priced at no less than $1700 (excluding installation). GREE and HotSpot Energy will have systems that start out at around $1800 (both excluding installation fees as well).

So it is important to consider not only which solar AC unit will fit your budget but rather who will charge it for installation alone. The rates will differ from one installer to another. Find the one that will fit your budget better and go from there.

If you need a good amount of money to save up for a solar AC unit, we recommend that you at least save up to $2000. This may be enough not only to cover the initial unit but cover any installation costs. As you shop around for installers, you may set more money off to the side if needed.

Who are solar powered air conditioners for?

Not everyone may be able to use a solar powered air conditioner. This may have you asking: is it something for me? The good news is that even with a small space, you can still use one.

Even if you cannot install full solar panels for your home, you can still use a solar air conditioner with a few panels to start out. Those who have homes off the grid will also take advantage of these.

If you are looking to spend less money on their utility bills, it’s clear that using solar energy will be a plus. Especially during the summer months when using an air conditioner is obviously needed.

Who better than to call a professional if you need a solar power air conditioner or a cooling system installed? American Home Water and Air offers the best air conditioner installation and repair services near Phoenix, Arizona, and we’re just one phone call away from putting something together so you can enjoy cool air while living off the grid.

Is purchasing a solar air conditioner really worth it?

Yes, purchasing a solar air conditioner can be worth it for most users. But not everyone will take advantage of it for one reason or another.

If you want to save money on your utility bill while reaping the rewards, a solar air conditioner may be right for you. What rewards, you ask? How about a federal tax credit that can save you a ton during tax time.

Plus, you’ll also get free energy powered to your home for as long as the solar panel system can operate. How’s that for a deal? But there’s a noticeable drawback that we’ll need to address.

When comparing solar air conditioners to solar panel systems, the latter’s solar payback period is less. It can take about 10 years to pay back the system with a solar panel system installed, whereas solar air conditioners can take double the time.

However, if your cooling costs are covered, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. It all comes down to the financials to help determine whether or not purchasing a solar air conditioner is really worth it. To help make the final determination, you can find a solar calculator that will crunch the numbers for you to ensure if solar power is the right move going forward.

Is Solar Powered Conditioning Right For You? Call us

If you are considering the idea of installing a solar powered air conditioner in your home, call American Home Water and Air. We are your air conditioner experts near Scottsdale, Arizona, preparing our customers for the future. You may consider this as one of the best investments you’ve ever made to your home.

Solar power is growing in popularity. It’s only a matter of time when more homes will go off the grid and enjoy the benefits of it all. Don’t wait; contact us at 602-993-0083, and we’ll get started with the process.

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