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HVAC Air Balancing, Everything You Need To Know

If you don’t know what air balancing is, no worries. We’ll explain what it is shortly. As your HVAC service in Phoenix, Arizona, we know what we’re talking about when it comes to home heating and cooling.

Air balancing is something that can be beneficial to your home. When done right, you’ll feel comfortable in every room. You’ll feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

This is a good solution for dealing with any prominent hot or cold spots in your home, which are signs of an air imbalance. If you want to get rid of them in your home, keep reading.

What is air balancing?

Air balancing is where you can adjust the HVAC system in every room of your house. This ensures that your whole house gets the right amount of hot or cold air. Overall, you want your whole house to be as comfortable as possible.

Your residential HVAC system should be balanced out when it’s initially installed. As needed, adjustments to your HVAC system are common. However, you might not be able to have the temperature set to 70 degrees in every room.

Try as you may, something may seem a little off. Air balance is key so you can get rid of any warm or cold spots in your house, no matter where they are.

What are the advantages of air balancing

Let’s take a look at the following advantages you can experience if you decide to do any air balancing in your home:

Better comfort levels

If you do any air balancing, this may increase all kinds of comfort throughout the entire home. In the summer, you may find yourself in a room that doesn’t get adequate air conditioning. So you move to someplace cooler.

With air balancing, that won’t be the case. You can stay in that room for as long as you like and feel comfortable.

If you want to know how to fix a hot room quickly, chances are air balancing gets the job done.

Increased air quality

Better air quality is one of the best perks to have for air balancing. Especially if you are allergic to dust, mold, or pollen, air balancing will lower the amounts of these allergens that come from the outside and gain access inside through various means.

Increased HVAC system lifespan

Everyone wants their HVAC system to last a long time. There’s no doubt that you can get it done. Air balancing will definitely help decrease the amount of dust and mold buildup that will occur within your system.

Aside from that, increasing the efficiency of your airflow will also help add more years of service to your HVAC system.

Is it possible to do air balancing yourself?

Short answer: yes and no. The long answer: there is one way to do it by yourself.

This includes making adjustments to your dampers. The other way to do it will require professional assistance. If you need air balancing done, your HVAC specialist near Glendale, Arizona will have an expert come to your house to get the job done.

We can perform air balancing testing to see if we can make a good adjustment. We’ll make sure that every house in your home is comfortable. 

It’s technically possible for you to do things yourself, but some other things could be best left to the professionals, especially if you need to make sure you’re checking for everything you need. When you’re unsure of what to do, calling American Home Water & Air may be your best bet. You can also check out our other articles to learn more tips and facts about Air conditioners and HVAC systems such as “What is the coldest temperature for an air conditioner

How to DIY Air Balance Your House

If you decide to go the DIY route, you can adjust the dampers in each room inside your house. This also includes adjusting your system’s duct lines as well.

To adjust the dampers, you’ll want to take a look at your vents. Close the diverters of every vent you have to force less air into the room while providing more of it to other rooms. It’s as simple as a pull of a lever.

Now, adjusting the duct lines is completely different. You need to turn the lever to where the disk located inside the line is flattened. This will ensure plenty of air flow is provided by the duct line.

When to get it balanced by a pro?

There may come a time when air balancing can be left to the professionals. Your HVAC professionals near Scottsdale will inspect the entire system and perform the necessary tests.

From there, they’ll determine what needs to be done to air balance your home in the best way possible. They may include simple damper adjustments and adjusting the speed of your fans. It can also involve major work such as replacing your supply lines or installing new dampers.

Your HVAC unit may undergo major changes as well. Regardless, you’ll want to be ready to consider setting money off to the side for any professional air balancing. Air balancing prices will range anywhere from $75 to $100 per opening in your home.

On average, you may expect to pay anywhere from $750 to $2000. The more vents you have in each room (or throughout the house), the more you’ll likely pay. Also, the ease of access to your HVAC lines may play a factor in how much you’ll pay.

Get your HVAC air balanced now

American Home Water & Air are your HVAC professionals in Phoenix, and we’re ready to test your home’s air balance whenever you need it. Want better air quality and comfort throughout your house? There’s no better HVAC professional to go to for that.

Try making adjustments on your own if needed. It may be cost-effective and the best course of action. But if nothing seems to be working, that’s when you can rely on the professionals to get it done. Contact us today at 602-993-0083, and we’ll help you get a better air balance in your home fast.

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