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What Makes American Home Water and Air Stand Apart From the Crowd?

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With so many HVAC and water conditioning companies in Phoenix to choose from, the choice can be a bit overwhelming, especially when the goal is to find a high quality, cost effective and trouble-free system. American Home Water and Air meet all the criteria. Conducting business in the Phoenix community for more than three decades, the company has served over 50,000 customers and they’re going strong. What makes the company stand apart from the crowd? Plain and simple their products, installation and service expertise will not be equaled. In fact, American Home Water and Air are often called upon to upgrade systems from previous customers with systems that have given more than 20 years of service.

The difference between American Home Water and Air and their competition is the high integrity and professionalism displayed by the owners. Rather than investing in a huge marketing budget, American Home Water and Air and owners Tom Knapp and Tom Atkinson prefer to pass the savings along to customers. What’s more, customers are pleasantly surprised to discover a superior soft water system and reverse osmosis at much better prices. There is no doubt, when American Home Water and Air installs a water filter system, customers can count on their proven reliability, high quality products and services coupled with a free parts and labor warranty. Add to that the fact that customers never have to concern themselves if a problem should arise since both Tom’s believe that the customer must be 100 % satisfied.

In reality, the two men prefer the personal touch when it comes to business, which means they are always available to speak directly over the phone with customers. And more often than not, they have usually been available to provide free price quote on thousands upon thousands of systems. When a customer invites American Home Water and Air into their home for an assessment on a water conditioning system, Air Conditioning, or water heaters, American Home Water and Air takes the time required to discover exactly what would be best and then a recommendation is made. There is never any hard sell tactics and customers are only encouraged to buy what is needed. At the end of the assessment, the owners of American Home Water and Air will answer any queries, leave a quote and give the customer time to consider the options. Because American Home Water and Air offer the best prices, the highest quality system and unparalleled customer service, the majority of customers call back.

Products & Services include:

Water Softeners

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Air Conditioning

Water Heaters

Residential HVAC

When you are ready for a system that is superior to other water filtration systems, feel free to contact Tom Atkinson at (cell 602-377-4761) or Tom Knapp at (cell 602-339-1427) for a free estimate and see for yourself why customers in the Phoenix area invariably choose American Home Water and Air.

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