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Descaler Water Filtration Systems in Phoenix, AZ


Over 85% of the United States has hard water resulting in Scale deposits on Plumbing Fixtures, Pipes, and Appliances.

This can result in a long list of negative effects that can cost lots of $$, including expensive repairs to appliances, and stain in sinks and bathtubs.

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How A Water Descaler Works

UV Light (Optional)
NAC Filtersorb Media
Sediment filter (Optional)
Coconut Shell Carbon
scale control water treatment system

Scale Control System Frequently Asked Questions

What is scaling of water?

In many parts of the United States (particularly desert regions like Arizona), water is rich in minerals. As the local water supply makes its way through your home, these minerals get deposited throughout your plumbing and appliances. Without a descaler, you’ll notice a layer of these minerals built up on the inside of your kettle, pipes, and sink, for example. This layer is what people refer to as “scale.”

What is a descaler?

Descalers come in two forms. First, there are descaling agents, which are effective at removing scale but not preventing it. You’ll also need to clean the surfaces affected by scale manually, which is often impractical (such as in the case of scale built up within pipes).

This is why preventative tools like our Scale Control System are advantageous. They treat your water before it gets to your pipes and appliances.

Where can I buy a descaler?

If you’re in the Phoenix, Arizona area, give us a call at American Home Water and Air. If you’re located elsewhere, many HVAC and water treatment companies supply them. Just be sure the system you buy uses nucleation assisted crystallization as that’s the most effective method for descaling.

Can you descale with vinegar?

Vinegar can help descale your appliances but it’s not a long-term strategy. You need to tackle the scale at its root.

Is limescale in water bad for you?

Ingesting water with limescale in it is not inherently bad for you. The minerals in hard water are actually nutrients for your body (although you get most of your supply from dietary sources). However, limescale damages your skin and hair, posing hygiene risks. Read more about this in our article, ‘Is Hard Water Bad For You?’