Phoenix HVAC and Water Systems Pricing

At American Home Water and Air, we strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible. One of the areas we pride ourselves in is transparency – we disclose our pricing structure so customers feel comfortable making their decision.

For AC units, American Home Water and Air offers a 40 Point Checkup for $59.00 during the offseason and $79.00 during the summer months. This charge covers our costs to perform the checkup but is a highly valuable service for homeowners. Often it can save customers from an expensive breakdown during times when service companies are extremely busy and the temperature is high. 

We also provide very competitive pricing for our other services:

  • water filtration systems
  • water softeners
  • water heaters

Read on for more pricing details about each service.

What You Can Expect
  • Next-day, in-home service
  • FREE service call with repair or installation
  • Licensed and Insured Installers
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Full service warranty

American Home Water and Air does not compensate service techs with commission whatsoever. We will also never recommend a repair that we cannot demonstrate is required.  Better still, our prices are a mere fraction of what most companies charge. Keep in mind that when we replace a part, the charge not only includes the part and installation, it also covers our one year warranty!  The cost also covers the cost of us diagnosing the problem with your system and we do not charge the trip charge if you use us for the repair.

Our service techs are in demand and very well paid but can save homeowners a bundle in the long run because they do the job correctly the first time, saving you from repeat calls and unnecessary hassles.

Phoenix HVAC Pricing Breakdown

Our VIP Program

1 HVAC UNIT $129.00 $219.00 $299.00
2 HVAC UNITS $219.00 $389.00 $560.00
3 HVAC UNITS $299.00 $560.00 $809.00
4 HVAC UNITS $389.00 $739.00 $1019.00

Non-VIP Membership Pricing

Monday-Fridayy Besfore 3 pm $69.95 waived only parts and labor
Monday-Friday After 3 pm $99.00 +Parts
Satirday $99.00 +Parts
Sunday $99.00 +Parts

Phoenix Water Treatment Pricing

Water Softeners

New Installed At The Loop Including Tax

Size The Patriot The President President with Big Blue
32000 GR $1,150.00 $1,450.00 $1,775.00
48000 GR $1,450.00 $1,599.00 $1,924.00
56000 GR $1,550.00 $1,664.00 $1,989.00
64000 GR $1,650.00 $1,750.00 $2,075.00

New Do-It-Yourself Pricing Including Tax

Size The Patriot The President
32000 GR $960.00 $1,260.00
48000 GR $1260.00 $1,409.00
56000 GR $1,360.00 $1,464.00
64000 GR $1,460.00 $1,560.00

Water Heater Pricing

Water Heaters Dimensions Pricing
40 Gallon Gas 60″ Tall x 20″ Wide $999
5o Gallon Gas 60″ 1/2 Tall x 22″ Wide $1100
40 Skinny Gas 61″ 1/8 Tall x 18″ Wide $1100
50 Skinny Gas 59″ 1/2 Tall x 20″ Wide $1,200
75 Gallon Gas 59″ Tall x 26″ Wide $1,700
40 Gallon Elec. Short 48″ Tall x 22″ Wide $950
40 Gallon Elec. Tall 60″ 1/2 Tall x 20″ Wide $950
50 Gallon Elec. Short 47″ Tall x 24″ Wide $999
50 Gallon Elec. Tall 59″ Tall x 20″ Wide $999
80 Gal Westinghouse  68″ 1/2″ Tall x 24″ Wide $2400

Reverse Osmosis Pricing

Includes 5 YR Warranty

$350.00 including Tax $399.00 including Tax

Residential PRV Installation

3/4″ PRV 1″ PRV 1″ 1/4 PRV
$275.00 $325.00 $450.00


The well-being of our employees and customers is a priority for us during these tough times; therefore, AHWA is taking extra precautions due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a safety measure, all AHWA employees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will be required to self-isolate. Also, all technicians visiting customers’ homes will be equipped with gloves and masks. We hope this won’t impact our service and we will remain open for business until further notice. Thank you for choosing American Home Water and Air!