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average yearly cost of water heater in arizona

Average Yearly Cost of Water Heater in Arizona

Water heaters are among the most essential home appliances in Arizona. Without one, simple tasks such as showering, bathing, cooking, and cleaning can be difficult to undertake. The average yearly cost for a water heater in Arizona varies based on the source of energy, type, and size. If your hot water heater is not working or looking to get a water heater in Arizona, it is important to compare different types and the pricing and pick one that will efficiently serve your home. Also, getting an energy-saving water heater in Arizona is important as it will save on costs in the long run.

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Cost of a water heater in Arizona based on the source of power

Your hot water system can be powered by gas, electric, or solar energy. An electric powered heater is more affordable compared to a gas heater. The amount of maintenance work required is also less. They are, however, complicated to install. If you choose an electric heater for your home, it will cost you between $200 and $3,000 considering the size and brand.

If you are looking for a water heater with low running costs, consider getting a gas heater. Although they are less eco-friendly, they are still usable when there is no power. Depending on your provider, you can get a gas water heater that runs on regular gas, natural gas, propane, or heating oil. They are also pricier, ranging between $400 and $3,000.

While it can be expensive to purchase and install, a solar water heater can be your best investment. They can save you tons of money in the long run. They are also eco-friendly and are available in different sizes. Based on your home needs, a solar water heater will cost between $600 and $3,000. If you have a small family, you get a small or medium solar water heater. However, if you have a large family or purchasing for commercial use, consider getting a large solar water heater for maximum efficiency. Also, consider getting an electric or gas backup water heater. The two-tank solar water heaters are an excellent choice if you want to install an electric backup.

Cost of a water heater in Arizona based on the type

If you need a water heater in Arizona, you have various types at your disposal. You can either opt for tankless heaters, solar-powered heaters, standard tank heaters or hybrid heaters. Ensure you select a water heater that will serve you efficiently. These have different purchase costs, maintenance, features and lifespans.

Tankless water heaters – If you are looking for a water heater that takes up smaller space, the tankless water heater is your best purchase. They allow continuous, on-demand, and instant flow of water only when you need it. With this, you do not require a tank in your space. As soon as the water heater detects the water flow, it turns on the heating coils or heat exchanger. If the faucet closes, the heating coils automatically turn off. Your water is heated within seconds, hence saving up on energy. Tankless water heaters can be powered either by electricity or gas. They also have a sleek and compact design, not forgetting minimized water leaks. While they can be expensive, they have a long lifespan.

However, the purchase and installation costs can be limiting. In Arizona, a tankless water heater has an average cost of $250 to over $2,500. The purchase cost depends on the brand, flow rate and the fuel used. Also, you will need a water softener installed due to the hard water in Arizona.

Tank water heaters – Due to their reliability and affordability, tank water heaters are preferred in most homes. They come with large tanks, hence may not be ideal for people with limited space. While you will get an instant supply of hot water, you need to constantly refill the tank once it’s empty. The average cost of a tank water heater in Arizona is $400 to $900. This depends on the capacity of the tank.

Hybrid water heaters – These work alongside a heat pump. Although they are energy efficient, they are expensive, with a price range of $1,200 to $2,500.

Indirect water heaters – They use the heat produced by the boiler or furnace to heat water. Indirect water heaters are one of the most expensive water heaters to purchase, but also one of the cheapest to maintain. The installation cost is also on the upwards. If you are looking to purchase an indirect water heater in Arizona, it will cost you approximately $1,500 to $3,000.

Average Yearly Cost of Water Heaters in Arizona Based on the Tank Capacity

Tank water heaters are available in different sizes. Based on your needs, you can get a water heater with a 30-gallon capacity and up to 80-gallon capacity. If you want the water heater to serve 2-4 people, then consider a small-sized water heater such as a 30- or 40-gallon water heater. However, you will need a bigger water heater if you have a large household. The average cost of a water heater cost based on the gallon size ranges from $300 to $3,200.

Average annual water heater installation costs in Arizona

When purchasing a water heater in Arizona, you must consider the installation cost irrespective of the type. The prices vary depending on the service provider, the time it will take to complete the installation and the installation ease or difficulty.

Tank water heater installations are one of the cheapest to install. This is because the installation is easy. Once the tank is set in place, connection to the water supply, energy source and water output follows. The installation cost will, however, increase if you change the electric source as well as extend your gas line to connect to the water heater. The average cost of installing a tank water heater ranges between $150 and $500.

A tankless water heater installation cost ranges between $500 and $1,500. It is more invasive and complex hence the cost. A hybrid water heater installation in Arizona will cost approximately $200 to $600 while an indirect installation will cost $1,500 and $3,500.

The overall annual cost of water heaters in Arizona is highly dependent on whether you choose an electric or gas water heater. Since gas is cheaper in Arizona, opting for a gas water heater is a wiser decision. The average electric bill in Arizona for those using an electric water heater is around $500 per year, which represents the annual operating cost. However, the annual operating cost of a gas water heater is $160.

Before you purchase a water heater in Arizona, you MUST also consider:

The lifespan – it would be pointless to purchase a water heater due to low annual operational costs but replace it after a few years. For instance, in Arizona, electric water heaters have longer lifespans. However, gas water heaters can also last long provided they are regularly maintained. Having your gas water heaters flushed annually by cleaning up the inner components and removing sediment build-up ensures that your heater lasts longer.

Speed of heating water – If speed is your priority, consider purchasing a gas water heater as opposed to an electric one. This is especially important if your household uses hot water often.

Upfront costs – Just how much are you willing to splurge on your water heater? If you are looking for more affordable options, consider getting an electric water heater.

The size of your home – This is important if you want to purchase a tank water heater. Ensure you have enough space in your home.

Once you purchase your water heater in Arizona, ensure you get qualified personnel to handle the installation professionally as well as carry routine checks. There are many companies that specialize in the provision of professional water heating services in Arizona such as American Home Water & Air. Engaging professionals will save on emergencies and even accidents that can be prevented through routine checks. 

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