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Choosing an HVAC Company In Maricopa

You value comfort in your home. Your heat pump, furnace, or air conditioner as well other HVAC have broken down. And you are panicking. Regardless of the season, you have to ensure that your HVAC system is regularly checked and maintained to avoid breakdown emergencies. Despite this, emergencies may occur that will require quick attendance. So, what options do you have to fix your HVAC in Maricopa?

While you may be tempted to try and sort the problem yourself, you need a fully trained, licensed and insured HVAC contractor who will restore the cooling and heating system professionally. This will ensure you avoid more breakdowns as well as technical accidents bound to occur if such a problem is unprofessionally handled. You may also want to sort the problem as soon as you notice it since most HVAC issues can quickly become emergencies.

If you have never experienced a faulty HVAC system in the past, here are the tell-tale signs that you need your HVAC checked.

  • Poor performance

If you notice that you need to allow for more time for your HVAC to cool your home, ensure you get a professional to check it out. This could be caused by various factors such as a faulty compressor, clogged ducts or even a malfunctioning furnace.

  • Lack of airflow from your vents

If you feel warm air blowing out of the vents, this is a sign that there is restricted airflow. It could also signify that there is a compressor issue.

  • Insufficient airflow

If your conditioner is not working properly or there is a blockage that prevents air from moving through the ductwork, this is a sign of poor airflow. This is one of the common issues in a HVAC.

  • Foul smell from the unit

If you start smelling gas smells, burning fuel, and other unpleasant odor or you see smoke coming from vents, then your HVAC may have developed some problems. While the cause of the smell can be anything minor such as dust to major issues like gas leaks, ignoring the smell can lead to more serious problems and even accidents. 

  • A sudden significant increase in your energy bills

If you realize that you are paying more energy bills without major changes in the home, your HVAC may be the culprit. This could be a heating or cooling issue. Please note that excessive power consumption shows that the HVAC system is using extra to operate optimally.

  • Unusual noises from the unit

The moment you start hearing unusual noises from your HVAC, then you know you need to get it checked. The rattling, squeaking, crunching or even grinding could be a result of improper functioning of the air conditioner or furnace.

 If you notice such issues with your HVAC system, getting immediate professional help is the only solution. You want to ensure that you get licensed, qualified, and affordable HVAC companies in Maricopa AZ to handle the repairs.

Helpful Tips To Pick The Best HVAC Company in Maricopa

  • Licensing – HVAC systems can be expensive. Authorizing a non-registered contractor can not only be dangerous for your family or business but can cause warranty issues with the brand. While everyone wants to be trusted easily, this move can end being more expensive for you. To avert this, always ensure that your contractor has proper licensing in the HVAC industry, regardless of the years of experience they claim to have.
  • Insurance – You do not want to risk using a non-insured HVAC contractor for the repairs. Ensure your contractor is insured against injury or damage that can occur in the course of duty.
  • Referrals & reviews – Giving a person a first chance is paramount. However, when it comes to your home needs, you may want to go the extra mile and use a company that has been referred from a reputable source. This makes it easy to trace the contractor as well as avert the risk of having shoddy repairs on your HVAC. You can also check online sources to verify reviews and get to know more about the company. Verify the HVAC company on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and get to see any complaints made against the company by previous clients.
  • Ensure you get a home evaluation done – Before a repair task is initiated, ensure you get an official evaluation from a company via the contractors. The licensed contractor should inspect loose parts, any leakages, and isolation. If it is deemed that a new system is necessary, sizing should be done based on industry software data and not square footage alone. Also, ensure you get a detailed and written estimate. This will be handy when comparing warranties, costs, and energy efficiency.
  • Cost – While you may have an emergency with your HVAC system, ensure you choose an affordable company. It would be unwise to splurge on minor repairs. However, most companies waive the cost of diagnosing the problem if the repairs are carried out by the same company. Also, if you are looking to save up on HVAC costs, consider local utility companies that offer rebates.

How To Maintain Your HVAC in Maricopa

  • Changing your filters

If you cannot remember the last time you replaced the filters on your HVAC, you need to drop what you are doing and change it. Ensure you replace the disposable filters every 1-3 months or more frequently if you have pets in your home. Changing the filters reduces unnecessary strain on your system. If using an air purification, ensure you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions while servicing the filters.

  • Clearing the area around your HVAC system

Prevent the interference of overgrown vegetation and leaves on the airflow of your system. You can either trim surrounding bushes or trees and steer away from trees that have excess pollen as they are notorious for clogging HVAC units.

  • Cleaning your HVAC unit (Condensed)

If your HVAC has an outdoor heat pump or condensing unit, clean the metal fins frequently. This prevents the system from clogging up with grime, pollen, and dirt. You can also spray the outside of the HVAC unit with water. Please note that you should not use a pressure washer as it can cause permanent damage to the unit.

  • Regularly checking your HVAC system’s evaporator drain pan

Clogged drains account for most HVAC breakdowns. To prevent this, ensure you check the drainpipe and remove mold or algae that can lead to blockages, you can use a wet or dry vacuum to suction the impurities and use bleach to clean it up. If you do not know where the drainpipe is, consult your service technician.

  • Consider getting a smart AC controller

A smart AC controller can allow you to access additional features easily. For example, you can receive alerts when your AC requires a filter cleaning or monitor your HVAC usage. More advanced controllers can even detect when your AC is not functioning optimally. Other smart controllers can even enable the activation of the system based on location or set timeframes. This ensures your system does not run unnecessarily, hence optimal performance.


While there are various reputable HVAC companies in Maricopa, we can make sure that your HVAC system is in top shape. Give us a call today and we will take care of you. Maintaining your HVAC regularly is paramount as it ensures your system runs without breakdowns. With the high levels of allergens, dust, and other pollutants in Maricopa, it is important to observe the manufacturer’s guide on how often to change air filters and resolve common HVAC air flow problems. If you fall behind on this schedule

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