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Lennox Air Conditioner (AC) Reviews 2021

Lennox is one of the leading names in the AC and HVAC industry. They are known for manufacturing high-quality products that give your home the best living conditions for the longest time. In fact, all their air conditioners are among the most energy-efficient brands in the market and are Energy Star Certified

Whether you want it essential, better, or best, Lennox is a perfect product for everyone. However, when searching for an air conditioner, homeowners look for more than just efficiency. Customers want to know about the product’s durability, installation costs, and repair costs, among other issues. You can read our review on “Trane Vs. Carrier Vs. Lennox” for better understanding differences of between top AC brands

Since every brand has its strengths and weak points, having sufficient information about Lennox will help you determine if it’s your brand of choice. We have prepared this Lennox air conditioner review to equip you with just that—the right and unbiased information. 

Note: The AC installation process is critical and, in most cases, is the cause of many problems that occur later if it’s not done right. 

Lennox AC Reviews: Air Handlers Features

Lennox manufactures some of the best air handlers for residential and light commercial uses. Their air handlers are pretty flexible, allowing variable or multi-speed blowers configuration. 

The variable-speed feature allows the air handler to deliver quiet but high-efficiency comfort for your home. On the other hand, air handlers with the multi-speed blower feature are designed to offer economical, high-efficiency comfort. 

Lennox has a wide range of air handler models designed to offer the much-desired comfort, even during the worst climates. They offer both quality economical models, as well as exclusive high-efficiency ones. Still, all these models have one thing in common—they have the necessary features to keep your home’s environment comfortable.  

Main Features of Lennox Air Handlers

  • They are insulated to ensure noiseless operation, and reduced heat gain or loss
  • They have a sturdy steel cabinet that guarantees durability
  • Some air handlers contain high-efficiency coil units
  • A select number of these air handlers come with antimicrobial drain pans
  • R-410A is the preferred refrigerant in their air handlers
  • Orientation—Up-flow or horizontal, but can include down-flow with accessories

One thing you will notice with Lennox is that they don’t make simple products. Their products are complex, and some people have even reviewed them as over-engineered.

Types of Lennox Air Handlers

Lennox manufactures four types of air handlers. These include:

  • CBA38MV Air Handler (Signature Collection)  – the quietest model and the most efficient
  • CBA27UHE (Elite Series) –  Multi-Speed, energy-efficient, dependable even in worst conditions
  • CBA25UHV (Merit Series) – Variable-speed, quiet, high-efficiency
  • CBA25UH (Merit Series) – Three-speed, economical, high-efficiency

All these air handlers enjoy 4.5 stars ratings and above, meaning that customers are satisfied with what the brand offers. 

Lennox AC Reviews: Condensing Units Features 

Condensing units from Lennox come in different designs with varying features. This allows customers to choose and buy a unit based on their needs and budget.

Based on various Lennox reviews online, most customers are content with what their condensing units offer. However, like most other brands, there are still some complaints.

Lennox condensing units are known to be of high quality, guaranteeing high performance for long periods. And, whether you need a condensing unit for your air conditioner or heat pump, Lennox manufactures units for both. And, they come with a wide range of features to suit different applications.

Main Features of Lennox Condensing Units

Lennox condensing units comes with the following features, depending on the model:

  • 2-stage compressors – available in some units
  • Variable Capacity Operation – available in some units
  • Energy Star rating  – most condensing units are energy-efficient certified
  • Quiet operation – the condensing units are designed to produce almost zero noise 
  • Hinged panels (select units) – these make access easier, especially during service
  • Some condensing units have SEER ratings of even up to 26.00


If you want it simple, don’t look for it in Lennox. The company is known for its complex-engineered products, which offer the best service for long periods. 

Unlike most other brands, Lennox condensing units don’t have many problems when it comes to operations. They are reliable, dependable, efficient, and will offer the desired comfort in your home for years.

Lennox AC Reviews: Quality Installation

As mentioned earlier, we cannot overlook the importance of proper and professionally installed AC systems. If a shoddy job is done, chances of you encountering endless system problems along the way are high. That’s why hiring a reputable HVAC professional to ensure proper AC Installation In Phoenix, Arizona is paramount.

A reputable contractor/dealer will ensure that the AC installation job done on your property is flawless, guaranteeing you comfortable temperatures for years. If you cut corners just to cut on some costs, you might be tying yourself to endless system failures and costly repairs. 

While some manufacturers don’t maintain effective training programs for dealers, Lennox does. For this reason, installations from Lennox dealers will, almost certainly, be faultless. 

The fact is, air conditioner installations are not cheap. For such costly projects, you need to do it perfectly the first time to avoid extra costs. Make sure that you hire only the best professionals that specialize in AC installation and AC Repair In Phoenix, AZ to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Lennox AC Reviews: Categories and Models

Lennox manufactures three types of AC categories; Signature collection, Elite Series, and Merit Series. Each of these main categories has various models as follows:

Signature Series

  • SL28XCV Air Conditioner
  • XC25 Air Conditioner
  • XC21 Air Conditioner
  • SL18XC1 Air Conditioner

Elite Series

  • XC20 Air Conditioner
  • XC16 Air Conditioner
  • EL18XCV Air Conditioner
  • EL16XC1 Air Conditioner
  • XC13 Air Conditioner

Merit Series

  • 16ACX Air Conditioner
  • ML14XC1 Air Conditioner
  • 13ACX Air Conditioner

Lennox Air Conditioner Reviews: Model Comparisons

  Signature Series(XC25) Elite Series (XC20) Merit Series (14ACX)
SEER Rating Max 26 Max 20 Max 16
Warranty  10 years on covered parts and compressor  10 years compressor, 5 years covered parts 5 years on covered parts and compressor
Compressor  Variable-speed blowers Variable-speed blowers Single-speed blowers
Cooling stages Variable-capacity   Variable-capacity  Single-stage
Energy Star certification  Certified  Certified  Certified
Sound rating  59dB 65dB 76dB
Cabinet design    PermaGuard Cabinet, SmartHinge Louver  PermaGuard Cabinet, SmartHinge Louver  PermaGuard Cabinet
Refrigeration pressure switch No information  No information  No information
Diagnostics  iComfort®-enabled iComfort®-enabled Conventional controls
Category   Premium  Mid-range  Economy 
Tax Credit eligibility  Eligible  Eligible  Eligible 

Lennox AC Reviews: Warranties

When it comes to warranties, Lennox might run a bit behind other HVAC companies. However, to compensate for this, the company manufactures top-notch products that guarantee extended service. 

Also, Lennox invests heavily in maintaining an extensive network of well-trained dealers. This ensures that every installation made by their dealer is a quality installation. And, while this isn’t a guarantee for completely flawless systems, the chances of breakdowns are limited. 

When purchasing that air conditioner from Lennox, going for the available extended warranties is a great idea. This ensures less stress when something goes wrong—especially if you have extended product and labor warranties. 

Lastly, don’t just go through Lennox HVAC reviews only. Browse through other reviews for other brands to ensure you have all the necessary information. There is no harm in knowing more information, and it can only help you make even wiser decisions. 

Return On Investment: Lennox HVAC Reviews

For any project, return on investment is crucial in determining the best way to go about it. This isn’t any different when buying and installing an AC or HVAC system. You should be able to determine whether what you are installing is worth the investment—both time and money.

Return on investment in our case is dependent on several factors. These include:

  • Home’s insulation
  • Ductwork
  • Personal usage preferences
  • SEER rating
  • Other factors affecting efficiency

All these factors determine whether the ROI is fast or it takes forever. For instance, higher SEER ratings, in most cases translate to a quicker ROI. This is how different SEER rating affects the ROI in Lennox AC units:

  • 13-14 SEER – 10 years and above
  • 15-18 SEER – between 7 and 10 years (subject to efficiency)
  • 19 SEER and above – between 5 and 7 years(subject to efficiency) 

It is, therefore, quite important to seek professional advice before making your purchase to ensure you get the right unit for your house. 

How Durable is Lennox Air Conditioner?

The durability of any Lennox AC unit depends on several factors. Maintenance is one crucial factor that can significantly increase or lower an air conditioner’s lifespan. Therefore, ensure that you do proper and regular maintenance as required to increase durability.

For the different Lennox AC models, here is how they compare in terms of durability:

  • Signature collection – between 15 and 20 years
  • Elite Series – between 17 and 18 years
  • Merit Series – 15 years

Lennox AC units are always on top when it comes to efficiency, quality, and durability. We recently started offering Lennox AC installations – contact us today to get your unit installed.

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