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How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner? What You Need To Know

It’s no secret that air conditioners require regular maintenance. While you can do some of these tasks on your own, it’s still wise to have a professional inspect your unit occasionally. Although that much is certain, knowing how often to service your air conditioner can be tricky to figure out. In this post, we’ll give you some detailed tips on figuring this out.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

A row of air conditioners used to demonstrate the concept "how often should I have my air conditioner serviced?"

At American Home Water and Air, we recommend having your air conditioner looked at twice annually. During these checkups, technicians will inspect components like your thermostat, capacitors, condensate drain, evaporator coil, and much more. Inspecting these elements twice yearly is ideal since issues with their function can hint at larger problems you’ll want to nip in the bud. These services go beyond the scope of what you’d notice while simply cleaning your air conditioner or performing other routine maintenance.

Aside from inspections, what else happens during these services? Well, your technician should also recommend any relevant preventative repairs and give you an overall summary of your AC’s condition. They’ll also ask if you’ve been experiencing any particular issues that might indicate something worth following up on. At American Home Water and Air, we take things one step further by lubricating the necessary motors and bearings and examining the alignment of various components as needed.

On this note, it’s worth finding an HVAC contractor that incentivizes its employees in such a way to discourage upselling you on unnecessary upgrades. At American Home Water and Air, for example, we don’t pay technicians commission on items they sell you. Rather, we pay them a fair salary. Learn more here about what makes our air conditioning service the most sought-after in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why Do I Need To Service My Air Conditioner So Often?

Having your air conditioner professionally serviced twice a year might seem like overkill. In fact, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you haven’t spoken to your local HVAC professional since the last time something went wrong with your unit. You may even be thinking “oh, yeah, these American Home Water and Air guys are just trying to sell me on bi-annual service because that’s how they make money.”

While we do make money servicing air conditioners, there are several reasons you as a homeowner should take the idea of frequent service seriously. Here’s a brief rundown that goes beyond our aforementioned simple answer to the question, “how often should I service my air conditioner?”

Air Conditioners Impact Your Health

Did you know that indoor air quality in the United States is often 2 to 5 times worse than that of the air outdoors? Poorly-maintained HVAC systems are a prime culprit. One common example is that your air conditioner smelling like gas. They’re unable to remove pollutants like radon, dander, mold, pesticides, and chemicals from air cleaners.

Having your air conditioner looked at twice per year is a great way to pinpoint issues in your home’s entire air filtration setup. Addressing these issues could simply make you more comfortable in your own home or even improve your health.

Regular Service Saves You Money In The Long Run

AC servicing is not expensive. At American Home Water and Air, we charge just $59 during the offseason and $79 in summer. Meanwhile, replacing a component that’s been worn down due to a lack of attention can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It’s much more financially prudent to check on your system regularly and address minor issues before they spiral out of control.

You’ll Become More Familiar With Your Air Conditioner

As mentioned earlier, there are many aspects of air conditioning maintenance you can perform yourself. You can even do some basic diagnostics when you notice an airflow issue or fixing a leaking air conditioner. Regularly enlisting the services of a professional will only make you more comfortable with these tasks. Technicians service air conditioners every day of their working lives, which makes them a great resource for learning how to optimize your maintenance schedule and improve the window air conditioner insulation and ventilation of your home. Experts at good HVAC companies (read more about how to find reliable services in Phoenix here) will be happy to share this wisdom with you. Rather than trying to nickel and dime you for basic services you could be performing yourself, they’ll educate you knowing you’ll likely trust them when it’s time for a major service.

You’ll Establish A Rapport With Your Local HVAC Contractor

The logic behind finding a good auto mechanic and sticking to them applies just as well to procuring HVAC services. When your air conditioner goes out at 11:00 on a Friday night, you’ll take comfort in knowing that your familiar technician is just a phone call away.

Plus, while good technicians perform their best work regardless of how often a client has seen them, there’s no denying that people are more likely to go the extra mile if you’ve built a rapport.

For example, at American Home Water and Air, if your checkup uncovers an issue that needs repairing, we’ll waive the trip charge if you decide to use us for the repair.

Regular Servicing Allows You To Test A Company During Calm Times

An emergency situation is no time to be shopping around for a good HVAC company. Ideally, you should already know who to call when major issues (which can occasionally happen even with the best maintenance practices, although less commonly) present themselves, like smoke billowing out of your AC.

The best time to find your dream HVAC contractor is when you’re in no particular rush at all. Bi-annual maintenance allows you to shop around on your terms, comparing prices, reviews, and other factors at your leisure.

Don’t Let Bi-Annual Checkups Be Your Only Maintenance

Now you know how often to service your air conditioner. However, bi-annual checkups shouldn’t be the only time you pay attention to your HVAC system. If you notice issues such as your air conditioner continually running or producing strange smells, those are obviously issues you should look into. However, you also need to change filters roughly once per month to ensure the optimal functioning of your system. These tasks aren’t onerous by any means; as you get more familiar with them, the return on investment will only increase, too.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner? Conclusion

Servicing your air conditioner twice per year strikes a good balance between being proactive and avoiding unnecessary expenses. At American Home Water and Air, we tailor our services towards these bi-annual checkups, during which we go through a 40-point checklist to ensure every crucial component of your air conditioner is functioning properly.

If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, be sure to give us a call for all your HVAC servicing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to service my air conditioner if nothing’s wrong with it?

Air conditioners are complex machines relying on countless components working in tandem. While the malfunctioning of one such component may not produce immediate negative ramifications, it can cost you in the long run. Regular servicing is the best way to avoid this.

How often should a central air conditioner be serviced?

It’s recommended that you service your central air conditioner twice annually, in addition to regular maintenance such as changing filters monthly.

How much does an air conditioning service cost?

Generally, servicing your air conditioner costs around $100. If the service uncovers repairs that need to be made, that will be an added cost. Servicing your air conditioner regularly can avoid huge surprises in this regard.

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