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Benefits of Solar Water Heaters in Phoenix

Water heaters are a fundamental necessity of every residence in the United States and not just for chilly winter days to have a warm cozy shower but all year long. There are a handful of daily activities for which we need a continuous supply of heated water. Dishwashers and washing machines require hot water for their functioning, and with the Covid-19 pandemic going on, washing hands frequently is the new normal. 

Washing hands with warm water always feels better. Also, there are several health benefits of hot water baths. Therefore, it’s considerably challenging to manage without a functional water heater nowadays.

Water heaters come in a variety of forms, depending on the energy source. The dispute surrounding traditional water heaters, which are more efficient and valuable, gas or electric, is still unsettled. The truth is it is entirely subjective. Geographic location, climate conditions, available resources, space, and various other factors contribute to assessing the suitability. In parallel to this, solar energy devices are also the talk of the town now. 

The growing demand for energy-efficient appliances to reduce associated costs led to a rise in solar water heaters’ popularity in America and especially Arizona. To utilize sustainable energy sources like air or sun is another reason too. With utility companies offering lucrative rebates to homeowners who desire to switch to solar water heaters, it’s difficult for them to make a rational, informed decision. Here we have discussed some of the primary benefits of installing a solar water heater in Phoenix and its applicability in the region. Keep reading to know more.

Is Solar Water Heaters Installation Fit For Phoenix?

Solar water heaters, as quite apparent from the title, utilize energy from the sun to heat water for your everyday use. They are very suitable for a place where the sun shines bright for most of the year. Arizona is one of the most well-known sites for its extended sun availability, and Phoenix is the capital and has a similar atmosphere. Did you know in Phoenix, on average, there are 299 sunny days per year? That’s like 81% of the entire year making Phoenix solar water heater installation the most sensible choice for the residents. 

You must be thinking, if the weather is this hot, why do you even need a water heater? Water heaters are beneficial for a wide range of appliances. Your dishwasher needs 120 degrees F temperature water to entirely clean and sterilize your dirty dishes, and the same goes for your laundry. Households with more members have a high water usage. They need warm water all the time so turning off a traditional heater to reduce cost will not help too. 

What Are The Options For Solar Water Heaters?

If you plan to pay for a solar water heater, you must have some basic knowledge about it. The alternatives offered by professional solar water heater installation in Phoenix company can differ. But solar water heaters are of two basic types, active and passive. The active heating system or a closed-loop solar heater works on pumping water or a refrigerant through the thermal plates. After getting heated, the water goes back to the storage tank. In case an anti-freeze liquid is used, the heat is transferred to the cold water via a heat exchanger in the tank.

The passive systems are pump-less. They operate on the convection principle, which causes the hot water to rise after being warmed by the solar thermal panels, which is later supplied for use. Active heaters require electricity for the pumps to function, whereas passive systems don’t. In a hot climate location like Phoenix, passive solar heaters work excellent, but a professional Phoenix solar water heater installer can make a final decision. Now let’s address the elephant in the room. What are the benefits? Are there any or solar water heaters are another fancy product that climate change advocates endorse. Let’s have a look.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters:

Solar Energy is Free:

Nothing is free in this world. But solar energy is. Solar water heaters are a magnificent invention as they use solar energy as a fuel that is entirely free for all. Phoenix residents are in for a treat as they have it almost all year long. Invest in a reliable and efficient solar water heater and use this infinite energy source for your benefit.

Save Big Money:

Do you always dread to see your utility bills in the winter season because you have used gallons of hot water for your comfort? You are not alone at all, but millions in the US have installed a solar heating system in their homes to deal with it. According to, you can cut your water heater energy costs by 50% by adding a solar water heater. Get meaningful advantages in cost reduction in the long run if you are contemplating the higher installation and device costs. Solar water heater rebates are also available in Arizona, so dig more into it to save money.

Efficient and Flexible Options:

Solar thermal panels are incredibly efficient in transforming sun radiations into heat. They convert 80% of them into heat energy, and you don’t even need a backup fuel source in Arizona because the weather is so solar system friendly. However, most heaters come with a backup fuel option to increase their efficiency in freezing climates. Plus, the varied choices you get makes it even more desirable. If you are short on space, you can select solar thermal panels rather than photovoltaic panels. The installation costs are reasonable too.

Environment Friendly:

Any device that works on solar energy contributes to saving the environment in multiple ways. There is no greenhouse gas emission; the carbon footprint is reduced because no fossil fuels are burnt. Similarly, Solar water heaters are a friend of the environment too. Additionally, you are entitled to tax incentives for being a responsible environment-friendly home or business.

Longer Life With Low Maintenance:

Solar water heaters are available in multiple sizes, and they are pretty low maintenance. Most manufacturers provide a guarantee of above 20 years. With a simple regular cleaning routine, the heaters will last for a reasonably extended period, and you will start seeing the sound effects on your utility bills shortly.

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