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facts about peoria arizona

5 Cool Facts About Peoria, Arizona

Peoria, Arizona is a quirky residential area located within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. American Home Water & Air offers all of our water treatment and HVAC services in Peoria. Here are some interesting facts about Peoria, Arizona.

It’s Home to the Second Largest Lake in Arizona

Lake Pleasant, located in Peoria, is Arizona’s second-largest lake (after Roosevelt Lake). Many people assume Lake Mead takes the prize but it’s actually shared between Arizona and Nevada, whereas Lake Pleasant is entirely ours!

Peoria Has 1,559 Miles of Roadways

While Peoria may seem quite small compared to the overall Phoenix Metropolitan Area, it’s actually home to more than 1,559 miles of roadways, which surprises many people.

Peoria is One of a Few Multi-County Cities in Arizona

Peoria’s northern end reaches into Yavapai County, making it one of just eight cities in Arizona to lie within multiple counties.

Peoria is Named After a City in Illinois

Peoria gets its name from the city of the same name in Illinois. Four families from that state moved west to the land now known as Peoria and named it in honor of their hometown.

It’s One of Four Arizona Cities Among America’s 25 Safest Municipalities

Peoria is America’s 22nd safest city, making it one of four Arizona municipalities to rank within the top 25 on the Phoenix Business Journal’s list.

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