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indoor air quality solutions

Modern Indoor Air Quality Solutions

If you want to improve the air quality in your home, it may be worth checking out this guide. American Home Water & Air is your HVAC service in Phoenix, Arizona, providing you with excellent ways to improve your HVAC indoor air quality.

If you want indoor air quality solutions that are guaranteed to work in your favor, you’re in the right place. Improved air quality can do wonders for those who may have health and allergy issues linked to poor air quality, be it indoors and outdoors.

These solutions may involve inspecting your HVAC system and potentially hiring a professional to make any needed improvements. Most of these solutions are DIY, so they should be fairly easy for you to implement.

With that said, here is a list of modern indoor air quality solutions to consider:

Change the AC filter

First off, the dirty AC filter will need to be changed. It will collect and filter a lot of the air pollutants that are common throughout homes.

It can get to the point where these pollutants can gain access into your home once the filter is no longer useful. That’s why it is important to inspect them periodically to determine when a good time to change them may be.

Does AC improve air quality? It definitely does, as long as the filter is in good working order.

Change the other air filters for other appliances as well

Other air filters should also be changed when needed, and there may be several throughout your home that require it. Many household appliances may have air filters of their own including kitchen vents, dryers, and even vacuum cleaners.

You can be sure that changing out your air filters will certainly increase indoor air quality ventilation. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself, and you’ll see what we mean.

Use stove vents when cooking

Did you know that depending on your cooking space and ventilation setup, you could be spreading indoor pollutants whenever you cook in your kitchen? This is usually due to the gas that powers your stove range. Specifically, the pollutants known as nitrogen dioxide and even carbon monoxide, which are released in small amounts when cooking, can be harmful to your health if they build up.

While most kitchen setups are designed to prevent this, when combined with specific types of cooking, you might find these gasses building up during long cooking sessions. High levels of carbon monoxide can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be dangerous to your health. 

If you are running a gas stove, you’ll want to use your stove vents and exhaust. Alternatively, you can switch to an electric stove, which will greatly reduce the amount of these gasses that are being released.

Humidity control

If there are areas where humidity is high in your house, a dehumidifier gets the job done. Not only that, controlling humidity in your home will keep the mold growth at bay. Mold growth can severely reduce the air quality and trigger all kinds of illnesses and allergies.

The more humidity that’s reduced in your home, the better the air quality will be. Mold growth can lead to expensive remediation measures if you fail to monitor or prevent any growth from happening. Do the best you can and inspect potential problem areas including inside your air ducts.

Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home

Revisiting the issue with carbon monoxide from earlier, you’ll want to install a carbon monoxide detector inside your home. The gas is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. But it can be fatal.

For this reason, installing and monitoring a detector will be your best bet against carbon monoxide. At the same time, you may want to check out any problem sources including boilers, heating appliances that are badly fitted or maintained, or any blockage in your chimney.

Speaking of deadly gasses, it wouldn’t hurt to have a radon test done to see if there are high levels of it kicking around.

Vacuum regularly

Regularly cleaning your house can also increase the air quality in your home. Vacuuming should be one of those things you should normally do regularly. You have plenty of vacuums these days that will have air filters built in.

Not to mention, it also does a good job of getting rid of dirt and dust. Plus, dust mites won’t be much of a problem.

Have your HVAC system maintained regularly

This is definitely a job best left up to the professionals. It comes at a cost, but an HVAC cleaning service near Surprise, Arizona might just be one of the best indoor air quality solutions today. Let’s just say it’s worth every penny for a regular service.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have the air ducts cleaned regularly and clean the AC drain lines as well. You pay for what you get with professional service, but it’s always worth the investment if you’re looking to keep the air quality in your home better than ever.

Consider using air purifiers

Many homeowners will use air purifiers that can help increase the air quality throughout their whole homes. Find one that fits your preferences, needs, and budget and you’ll have one of the best ways to keep air pure in your home.

Prohibit smoking indoors

Needless to say, cigarette smoke can release toxins into the air. Even second hand smoke can be a cause for lung cancer and all kinds of health problems. If you smoke, do it outside.

If you know someone who smokes, implement the ‘smoke outside only’ rule in your home. No exceptions at all.

Also, make sure you are consistent with this. We may slip up at times and smoke indoors once in a while, and it’s fine. But remember that for maintaining air quality in your home, it’s better to keep your smoking sessions outside the home.

Improve your home’s air quality today

Hopefully, these indoor air quality solutions prove to be helpful in improving your home. You and your loved ones deserve the best air quality possible within your home, and American Home Water & Air can help make sure you get it.

We offer installation of indoor air quality systems, and our indoor air quality products are second to none; just ask our hundreds of satisfied customers!

Contact us today 602-993-0083 to set up an appointment to have one of our technicians provide an assessment of your home air quality today.

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