how to purify air in house

How to Purify Air in Your Home

Most think of the air in their homes as perfectly clean and breathable, but the truth is that the indoor air quality of your home can be up to ten times worse than the outdoors. Government studies show that air pollution, including the kind found inside your home, is a considerable public health risk. Put most simply, bad air is bad for you. The good news is that we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at an issue important to everyone—how to purify the air in your house.

If you live in the city, your home is more prone to higher levels of outdoor pollution that can make its way indoors. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to purify the air in your home if you live in a more rural community. 

Indoor air pollution is made up of dust, dirt, or gases in the air that can be harmful to breathe. Poor ventilation, dampness, or chemicals used inside the home could be having a slow, silent impact on general health, which, in the worst case scenario, can take years off the lives of its occupants. The more insulated and less ventilated you make your home to combat rising energy costs, the higher the chances of having poor air quality. This is why it’s so important to purify the air in your home.

Check out the following ideas to find the best way to filter the air in your home:

  1. Open the Windows

The simplest solution for how to purify the air in your house is also the most obvious one – open the windows and let the breeze in. While this might not be optimal in winter, it lets fresh air in and harmful air out. 

It will also combat the humidity that allows dust mites to form. Finally, opening your windows from time to time can be a quick solution to air out any chemical residue from cleaning or decorative products.

  1. Install an Air Purifier

Dust and pollen aren’t always easily seen by the naked eye. If you are looking for how to purify the air in your home, you’ll want to invest in an air purifier to capture those microscopic particles that you may not be able to see. A top-notch air purifier can capture and clean dirty air, sending it back out into your home as fresh air. Some also release negative ions into the air to help combat any airborne viruses or bacteria. 

Air purifiers with a high clean air delivery rate will filter the air faster and those with fans will move the air around instead of you having to move the unit around the room for optimal results. American Home Air and Water offers some of the best in the industry when it comes to top quality air purifiers.

  1. Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

Regular air duct cleaning improves the overall air quality in your home. With routine cleanings, you’ll eliminate built-up contaminants and debris that can filter back out into your home, and you’ll also extend the life of your ductwork. Not only will the air you breathe in your home be healthier, but your HVAC system will also work more efficiently to help keep it that way.

  1. Vacuum and Dust Regularly

A high-quality vacuum cleaner will go a long way toward keeping dust, pollen, and pet hair out of the air in your home. Vacuum as often as possible, including underneath furniture that might be harboring dust and debris. 

Be sure to take cushions, rugs, and throws outside to shake them out or beat them so that you’re not putting the dust they shed back into your home. For most household surfaces, you can use a damp cloth to trap dust and allergen particles and remove them.

  1. Go Natural Whenever Possible

When looking at how to purify the air in your house, one of the best ways is to simply not introduce toxins that will need removal. Trade in the use of cleaners and products that contain strong chemicals for green options whenever possible. Not only do harsh chemicals create poor air quality in your home, but they also pollute the environment when they wash down drains, leaching into the water and harming wildlife. 

Eco-friendly products are better for everyone, inside and outside your home, and you can even make your own with a little effort. For example, castile soap made from vegetable oils is fantastic for grease removal. Vinegar cleans glass perfectly and olive oil will polish stainless steel to a shine. And lemon juice works marvels at getting stains out of chopping boards. Using these natural products offer a simpler and chemical-free approach.

  1. Eliminate Dampness

Dust mites, mold, and bacteria thrive in heat and moisture. Consider installing an extractor fan to remove steam from cooking or showers. If your home shows signs of excessive humidity, a dehumidifier can help in areas that are poorly insulated or have single glazed windows.

  1. Ban Smoke from Your home

There are over 7,000 chemicals found in secondhand cigarette smoke. Smoking inside your home allows these chemicals to build up to harmful levels that can linger for hours. Even smoke from incense cones or sticks and paraffin wax candles can emit carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that is harmful to your health. 

To avoid toxins and chemicals building up and affecting your air purity, make sure to implement a “no indoor smoking” policy.

  1. Skip the Air Fresheners

Air fresheners can mask odors and give your home a lovely, fresh scent, but some may also contain synthetic chemicals. Switch to a naturally fragranced, fragrance-free, organic diffuser or essential oil burner instead.

  1. Pick Your Paint Carefully

Stick with non-toxic paint brands. Skip any that contain plastic that can trap air in your walls and lead to the formation of mold. Likewise, avoid petrochemicals drawn from acrylics, formaldehyde, ammonia, oil, or man-made dyes – instead, use water-based paints instead of oil-based ones.

This ensures that you can paint your home to your preferences without leading to build-up of chemicals and slow-released fumes over the years.

  1. Replace that Wood Burner

Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves can give off smoke that damages the lungs. While homes built after 1998 won’t have wood-burning capabilities, those who live in older homes might still not have made the switch. Electric fireplaces or radiators are a much better option for homes. Better yet, switch to a new furnace for your home heating needs.

Hopefully, this list has helped you find some simple ways to purify the air on our list that will work for you. But if you need professional help, American Home Air and Water has you covered. Call us today to schedule an appointment to see how we can help purify the air in your home.

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