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How Long Do Goodman Air Conditioners Last?

HVAC systems are one of the most important purchases a homeowner can make. One of the biggest questions asked of technicians about Goodman HVAC units is “How long do Goodman air conditioners last?”

Before we discuss the Goodman AC life expectancy, let’s first talk a bit about Goodman Manufacturing, its history, and its quality control practices.

Goodman Manufacturing

Goodman Manufacturing has been in business since 1975 when it was founded by Harold Goodman. The company was built on a foundation of reliability and affordability. Though the company was sold to Daikin Industries in 2012, it continues to adhere to those principles. HVAC equipment produced and sold by Daikin is tested thoroughly and sold with an extensive warranty against defects.

Goodman HVAC equipment is known for its affordability, superior warranty coverage, and a broad range of equipment choices. The Daikin-owned Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating Company is a budget-friendly choice for homeowners seeking a high-quality energy-efficient option that they can rely on. Each unit manufactured by Goodman is thoroughly tested before leaving the facility, assuring quality and excellence, especially if getting it through an HVAC provider like AHWA.

Purchase costs for Goodman HVAC systems continue to be some of the most affordable in the marketplace today thanks to their sales model setup as a distributor-dealer that allows them significant control over their quality. This also gives them a greater ability to provide warranties that are far more extensive than those provided by most competitors.

Goodman Warranties

The quality of Goodman HVAC systems is so good that they include a lifetime warranty for their core HVAC components, meaning that your unit will be replaced at no cost if key parts like your compressor or heat exchanger. Additional parts are covered anywhere from 2 to 10 years. Goodman not only strives to provide quality, but they also stand behind their products for years to come.

Goodman Quality

Goodman HVAC systems offer a lot of value despite their lower price point. Their units are rated between 14 and 24.5 SEER. Though Goodman air conditioners are a bit noisier than some of their more expensive counterparts, they don’t reach more than 70 decibels even if operating under stress. For comparison, this is no louder than a dishwasher or washing machine.

Goodman HVAC systems are sold all across the globe, though they are manufactured only in Houston, Texas. All Goodman equipment is sold mainly by distributors rather than dealers to assure proper installation by a licensed, professional HVAC contractor. While this may seem inconvenient to those who would like to do their own installation, it is a part of the reason that Goodman can provide such an extensive warranty.

There are a few Goodman-approved dealers that sell their equipment but even these are only allowed to sell to contractors who have completed Goodman quality courses every six months.

Goodman Features

In addition to assuring Goodman HVAC systems are installed properly, their equipment comes with built-in features that add even more value to your purchase:

  • ComfortBridge technology collects and stores data about your air conditioning unit’s performance to adjust operation for optimal energy efficiency. 
  • Copeland Ultratech Scroll Compressor assures smooth operation, the highest energy savings, and consistent temperature control. These factors affect your Goodman air conditioner’s ability to properly cool your home.
  • ComfortAlert diagnostics provide rapid troubleshooting of any issues that arise with the system. Anytime there are problems, indicator lights will alert the homeowner that the system requires repairs, ensuring that any problems receive quick attention.
  • CoolCloud HVAC app is included in some units. This application allows a qualified contractor to access your equipment wirelessly to troubleshoot issues before coming out for a house call. This often gives the technician a chance to come better prepared to repair your system, saving you downtime and money.

How Long Does a Goodman AC Unit Last

So, the question is still how long do Goodman air conditioners last? You probably already have a good idea from the information above but let’s clarify it a bit more. 

Goodman air conditioners have a long life expectancy thanks to the excellence in manufacturing and quality assurance measures taken before each unit leaves the Goodman facility. Each piece of equipment Goodman builds is made with only the most durable materials and workmanship. 

How long do Goodman air conditioners last? The simple answer is that a Goodman air conditioner will last around 10 to 15 years. However, if you adhere to a schedule of routine maintenance and use the system properly, you may get up to 25 years of use due to the quality that goes into its manufacturing.

When discussing how long does a Goodman air conditioner last, you need to be aware of some of the problems that may reduce life expectancy and how you can deal with them.

Goodman Air Conditioner Issues

Just as with all HVAC systems, there are certain issues that may arise. If you are aware of them and deal with them quickly, they should not affect the lifespan of your Goodman air conditioner.

  • Misuse—Air conditioners can get overstressed if they are abused, leaving you with a damaged compressor and a hefty bill for a replacement. While Goodman guarantees their compressor for the lifespan of the unit, damage due to mishandling is usually not covered. 
  • Poor upkeep—A regular maintenance schedule allows your HVAC technician to inspect, clean and tune up your unit to keep it working efficiently. Any larger issues can be discussed and repaired quickly. If you fail to do routine maintenance and filter changes, you are setting your unit up for issues and reducing lifespan.
  • Conditions—Where you live can affect the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. Weather conditions can have adverse effects on outside components. High humidity can cause your compressor to work harder to keep your unit cool, causing it to fail or reducing its lifespan.

While poor sizing and improper installation can also be issues, these aren’t usually a problem with Goodman equipment due to the requirement for professional installation. An experienced HVAC installer will ensure that the size and installation are proper for your space.

The answer to how long do Goodman AC units last isn’t cut and dry, but with proper care, you can be certain you’ll get your money’s worth and then some. 

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