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a dry and cracked basin displays the signs of drought.

Common Water Issues in Arizona

Arizona is fairly well-known as a dry state. The entire Southwest has less and less water available each year. This is not a new problem and has only been of increasing concern for the last few years. Water issues in Arizona are characterized by increased demand, and decreased supply.  One of the main water issues surrounding water in Arizona is conservation. How can we make sure that everyone who needs water has it, without running out of water? This is a complex and challenging problem, without any clear solution. One important thing to mention when discussing the issues of water …

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historical sites in glendale arizona

4 Iconic and Historical Sites in and near Glendale

Glendale is one of the most interesting areas in central Arizona. Founded in 1892, Glendale has a deep and diverse cultural history. At American Home Water and Air, we’re incredibly proud to be part of the Glendale community, providing HVAC and water treatment services. Here are a few of our favorite historical sites in and around the city. Mystery Castle Address: 800 E Mineral Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042 Mystery Castle is a wonderfully-crafted property built by Boyce Luther Gulley in the 1930s for his daughter. Upon Gulley’s death in 1945, his wife and daughter inherited the property, which is filled …

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historical sites in peoria arizona

Major Historical Sites in and Near Peoria, Arizona

At American Home Water & Air, we’re proud to provide the best air conditioning and plumbing services in Peoria, Arizona. It’s a great city with tons of heritage! Here’s a list of our favorite historical sites in and near Peoria. Mystery Castle With a name like “Mystery Castle,” you know you’re in for a treat. Architect Boyce Luther Gulley built this property for his daughter in 1930 using found materials after discovering he was dying of tuberculosis. Shortly after his death, Gulley’s daughter and wife discovered they had inherited the property and moved into it. The Mystery Castle is a …

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monument valley, western, wild west

Scottsdale Fun Facts

Scottsdale is a diverse town with a lot to offer. American Home Water & Air is proud to offer our world-class service in the Scottsdale area. Original Name Scottsdale wasn’t the town’s original name. That title belongs to Orangedale. The town founder, Albert Utley, named it in honor of the citrus trees that grew in the area. A simple mix-up based on landmarks led to Scottsdale becoming more prevalent, and the name eventually stuck. Cowboy College If you’ve ever seriously considered living life as a genuine cowboy, Scottsdale has a great resource for you. The Arizona Cowboy College is a …

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facts about peoria arizona

5 Cool Facts About Peoria, Arizona

Peoria, Arizona is a quirky residential area located within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. American Home Water & Air offers all of our water treatment and HVAC services in Peoria. Here are some interesting facts about Peoria, Arizona. It’s Home to the Second Largest Lake in Arizona Lake Pleasant, located in Peoria, is Arizona’s second-largest lake (after Roosevelt Lake). Many people assume Lake Mead takes the prize but it’s actually shared between Arizona and Nevada, whereas Lake Pleasant is entirely ours! Peoria Has 1,559 Miles of Roadways While Peoria may seem quite small compared to the overall Phoenix Metropolitan Area, it’s …

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