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historical sites in glendale arizona

4 Iconic and Historical Sites in and near Glendale

Glendale is one of the most interesting areas in central Arizona. Founded in 1892, Glendale has a deep and diverse cultural history. At American Home Water and Air, we’re incredibly proud to be part of the Glendale community, providing HVAC and water treatment services. Here are a few of our favorite historical sites in and around the city.

Mystery Castle

Address: 800 E Mineral Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85042

Mystery Castle is a wonderfully-crafted property built by Boyce Luther Gulley in the 1930s for his daughter. Upon Gulley’s death in 1945, his wife and daughter inherited the property, which is filled with masterfully-designed artifacts.

Gulley’s daughter died in 2010 and the property has since been maintained by the Mystery Castle Foundation. It is a Phoenix Point of Pride.

Agua Fria National Monument

Address: Black Canyon City, AZ 85324

The land now comprising the Phoenix Metropolitan Area has been home to human settlements for hundreds of years. The Agua Fria National Monument contains countless artifacts dating as far back as 1250, when the Perry Mesa Tradition – a group of Native Americans – inhabited the land.

This site is currently managed by the Bureau of Land Management and was federally recognized in 2000.

David and Gladys Wright House

Address: 4505 N Rubicon Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85018

If you have a penchant for architecture, the David and Gladys Wright House is a must-see. The house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and features an ingenious spiral design that cools the house down by capturing wind.

While the house was briefly slated for demolition following its sale in the 2000s, it is today owned by Bing Hu and Wenchin Shi, both of whom were architectural apprentices at Taliesin West. They intend to renovate it in keeping with Frank Lloyd Wright’s original intentions.

Scorpion Gulch

Address: 10000-10042 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85041

Scorpion Gulch is an abandoned structure that once served as a home and trading post. It was recognized as a historic structure ought to be preserved in 1990 and has since become a favorite photography spot for locals and tourists.

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