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How Long Does A Water Softener Last?

Water softeners are a necessary investment in regions like Phoenix, Arizona that are known for hard water. But how long does a water softener last? Is there anything you can do to make it last longer?
Today, we’ll explore these questions and more to give you a clear picture of what water softener maintenance entails.

How to Test Water Hardness? 6 Easy Hard Water Tests

In America, 85% of water is rich in calcium and magnesium. This condition, known as ‘hard water’ has devastating impacts on your utility bill, hygiene, and plumbing.
A hard water test can help you pinpoint the precise steps to take as far as alleviating this problem. Let’s take a look at six such tests that will give you a clear idea of how to test for water hardness accurately.

Is It Safe To Drink Soft Water?

Is it safe to drink soft water?  This is among the most common questions people ask when thinking about installing a water softener on their property. Today, we’ll look at the research and provide a definitive answer. Before we dive directly into the question at hand, let’s quickly lay some groundwork. What is Soft Water? Some regions, like Arizona, have water that is extremely rich in mineral deposits like limestone, chalk, and gypsum. This is what’s known as hard water. This hard water wreaks havoc on your skin, dishes, and equipment like boilers, kettles, and bathtubs. It can cost you …

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Does A Water Softener Remove Chlorine?

With 85% of America’s water classified as hard per a U.S. Geological Survey, water softeners are crucial for protecting our homes and even our bodies. They reduce concentrations of minerals like calcium and manganese in tap water — but can they remove chlorine from water?
The simple answer? Yes — but this is not a water softener’s primary function.
Let’s dive deeper to help you confidently ensure your family’s safety.