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supercool air conditioning

Supercool Air Conditioning: What Is It & Should You Bother?

Supercool air conditioning? Is it a new species of air conditioners? Is there something you’re missing out on?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as usual. 

We’ll carefully explain everything about Supercool air conditioning, and whether or not it’s useful for your home. 

First, you need to appreciate the fact that supercool air conditioning is not a new concept. You must be well aware of the high electricity bills that come with hot summers.

Why? Because that is the time when your air conditioner works the hardest. In some areas, air conditioning is a must because of the unbearable heat. 

But you must be wondering, “Is there a way I can lower the electricity bills and save money without losing the benefits that come with operating an air conditioner at full power?” Yes, there is. Supercool air conditioning is the answer! 

The majority of homeowners are used to the traditional way of doing things:

“Turn on your air conditioner until the Summer ends, then wait for a heap of electricity bills to bury you alive.”

The time for change is now.  

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What is supercool air conditioning?

An air conditioning remote, used to represent the concept of super cool air conditioning.

Supercool air conditioning is also referred to as Pre-cooling. 

Just as the name suggests, pre-cooling means you let your air conditioner run at specific times of the day so that it can cool everything in the house or room.

What do we mean by everything?- Well, everything. You, your family members, friends, pets, furniture, walls, floors, ceiling, and every other thing in your house. 

How does that help?

We know you’re wondering, “Isn’t that what my air conditioner does every day?” 

Not really. We’ll get into the details later on. 

For now, all you need to know is the fact that Supercool air conditioning is so effective that it can save you more than 25% of your electricity bills. Now, isn’t that impressive?

The next thing you need to have in mind is the fact that some electricity companies charge different rates for different times of the day- It’s their way of helping you cope with the high electricity bills that come with the Summer. 

For example, you might find that some companies charge more during the day and much less during the night. 

Before we continue, go ahead and check if your electricity company offers this kind of relief. 

Yes? Then continue reading to learn more about how to supercool your house. 

How to supercool your house

You must now have a clue as to how supercooling works and how it can help you save a lot of money in the long run. 

Supercooling is all about running your air conditioner at times of the day when you’ll be charged less by your electricity company. You can call them “off-peak hours.” 

What about during the day? The sun will eventually rise. What will you do then?

You’ll be surprised that after an entire night of extreme cooling, your house will remain cool during the day. Therefore, you can afford to run your air conditioner at minimum power.

So how exactly am I saving money if I’m still going to blast my air conditioner through the night? 

It’s simple. Let’s say your electricity company charges 20 cents per kilowatt per hour during the day, then charges 5 cents per kilowatt per hour during the night. 

Why pay 20 cents when you can save the 15 cents and instead pay a quarter the amount? That amount can easily hit hundreds of dollars in the course of a few months. 

Why not save money and spend it on other things?

Did you know that supercooling can also prolong the life of your air conditioner? 

During the day, your air conditioner has to go through on and off cycles as it strives to maintain the indoor temperatures- This on and off sequence will drastically wear your air conditioner. 

At night, you allow your air conditioner to constantly run without off cycles. You no longer have to worry about costly repairs and regular maintenance fees that come as a result of wear and tear. Additionally, you need to ensure that the air conditioner pad is properly installed to avoid any damage during the peak times.

Things you need to get started with supercooling your house

Below are some of the tools and features you’ll need to make this work in your home.

  • A good electricity plan
  • A programmable thermostat

A good electricity plan

As mentioned earlier, supercool air conditioning is all about taking advantage of the off-peak hours to pre-cool your house. This way, you’ll not have to use your air conditioner during the day when the rates are significantly higher. 

Start by asking your utility company to give you your energy consumption report. This information will help you figure out how much power you use and how you use it. 

Next, ask them if they have plans based on time-of-use. Go for the plan that will save you the most money. 

A programmable thermostat

A normal thermostat would do. However, a programmable thermostat is more convenient. 

First, you need to set the temperature setting for the off-peak times. 

Set it as low as you possibly can ( at 66 to 72℉). 

If your off-peak times are at night, then make sure your air conditioner is running at full power such that you’re forced to sleep with several blankets (You don’t have to take it to the extremes. However, it needs to be low enough to cool your entire house- Even behind the walls). 

Next, set the temperature setting for the peak times when the rates are significantly higher. 

Set it as high as you can tolerate (80 to 87℉). 

During such times, your air conditioner needs to operate with the least power possible. You can even opt to turn off your air conditioner. The cold from pre-cooling should be enough to carry you until the next off-peak session. 

Additional supercooling tips

We know it will be hard at first, especially if your household consists of several people and kids. 

At first, the nights might be too cold, and they’ll have to take time to adjust to it. If you’re living in a house with a windowless room, here’s how you vent a portable air conditioner without a window.

Another thing you’ll have to take into consideration is the use of home appliances that can raise indoor temperatures during peak times (during the day). 

Be wary of appliances like kitchen stoves, microwaves, laundry machines, and dishwashers. All these appliances produce a lot of heat during operation. 

Try as much as possible to only use those appliances during the off-peak times. Not only will this keep your house cool, but it will also help you save some money. 

The last tip- Make sure you don’t leave windows and doors open for long periods, especially during the day (peak times). Open doors and windows allow heat into your house. You also can install proper window air conditioner insulation to prepare for the long summer heat.


Supercool air conditioning sounds as easy as pie, however if applied correctly, it can save your household hundreds of dollars in electricity bills. 

Gone are the days when Summer heat electricity bills used to eat away your money. 

You can now keep cool and spend less on electricity bills. 

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