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how to remove nitrates from well water

How To Remove Nitrates from Well Water

For all families, access to clean and safe drinking water is a necessity, not a luxury. 

When your access to an essential need is jeopardized, it’s easy to become panicked or worried about the outcome and effect on your family. 

Nitrates are one of the most common contaminants which can be found in your drinking water well supply, and well owners may face a struggle in figuring out how to remove nitrates from their well water. 

Fear not – We’re here to help you keep your family safe, and protect your water supply. Read on to find out the effect nitrates have on your water supply, and exactly how we can fix it. 

Are Nitrates in Drinking Water Harmful?

Drinking water with high levels of nitrates has been associated with health risks, specifically for infants and the elderly. Elevated levels of nitrates can decrease blood cells’ ability to transport oxygen around the body. 

In healthy adults, scientific data surrounding the long-term health effects of nitrates are inconclusive. The dangers of consuming contaminants like nitrates are not yet fully known. 

Nitrates are also just one of a list of contaminants that can potentially infect drinking water. Other heavy metals, organic materials, or pesticides are commonly found in well water. 

Home filtration systems, like sediment or carbon filters, do not effectively remove contaminants like nitrates. 

How Can I Remove Nitrates From Well Water?

One of the most effective methods for removing nitrates from drinking water is a process known as reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is a professional water filtration system, utilized and installed with great success by American Home Water & Air. It uses a thorough and complex purification system, which works extremely effectively at filtering drinking water or well water.  

Reverse osmosis is extremely effective at filtering well water for use in cooking, ice-making, or drinking. 

With reverse osmosis, you will see a significant positive change in the quality and taste of your drinking water, followed by better-tasting food and higher-quality ice. 

If your family needs to significantly reduce or eliminate nitrates from your water supply, then reverse osmosis is the recommended method to do so. 

American Home Water & Air installs reverse osmosis systems regularly and can help you to choose a filtration system that best suits your family’s needs. Our highly skilled technicians are always on hand to professionally install the right system for you. 

Reverse Osmosis: How Does It Remove Nitrates From Water?

The process of reverse osmosis is an extremely effective and rigorous method of water filtration.  During reverse osmosis, water must pass through a number of fine materials and membranes, some smaller than a single micron. 

So when it comes to removing stubborn contaminants like nitrates from your drinking water, this is why you can rely on a system like reverse osmosis. We ensure filtration is performed correctly and to a high standard. 

American Home Water & Air filtration systems have been honed to perfection over years of experience, and perform to the highest standards possible. We take no shortcuts when it comes to your family’s safety. 

The first step of reverse osmosis is the ‘Pre-Filtration’ stage. 

This stage removes larger particles of dirt or organic material from your water, ensuring you have a smooth drinking experience every time. 

The next step is the ‘Membrane’ stage, which is the highly effective, high-pressure filtration stage. This step helps to ensure that only the best quality drinking water reaches you and your family. 

The reason our reverse osmosis systems are so effective at removing nitrates is that the drinking water is forced through between 4 and 5 stages of membrane filtration during the process. 

This removes any and all potential nitrates or toxins which could prove harmful to your family. 

The final stage of reverse osmosis is the polishing stage, which ensures the final odor and taste of your water is of the highest quality possible. 

As you can see, reverse osmosis utilizes one of the most thorough water filtration systems available and ensures the safety of your family. 

What Are The Benefits of Removing Nitrates from Well Water?

When you decide to opt for a reverse osmosis system by American Home Water & Air, you are putting your family’s needs first. 

By removing nitrates from your well water supply, the benefits you can expect are numerous. 

  1. Reduce Your Exposure to Contaminants

Heavy metals and contaminants in your drinking supply may build up over time, and cause damage to your family’s health. The elderly and infants are particularly vulnerable when it comes to the presence of nitrates. 

Your costly appliances may also suffer, with dishwashers and washing machines suffering the impact of limescale and eroding their lifespan over time. 

  1. Save Money

By filtering your drinking water from its source, you will eliminate the need to purchase bottled water. The cost of bottled water per gallon is almost two thousand times as expensive as tap water!

Not only do you make a direct saving by filtering your water at home, you also reduce the negative impact bottled water consumption has on the environment.

  1. Improve Your Water Quality

Finally, water filtered through reverse osmosis goes through a polishing stage which ensures the taste and odor is of the highest quality. 

You will be amazed at how much better your drinking water and food tastes when it has gone through such a rigorous filtration system. You can be guaranteed your water will be of the ultimate quality. 

We Can Help You Remove Nitrates From Your Drinking Water!

American Home Water and Air have a wealth of experience in purifying the water supply of many happy and healthy families. 

We can assist you with every aspect of purifying your family’s water supply, from choosing the right filtration system for you, answering any queries or concerns you have about your water supply, and finally having our experienced technicians install our systems to the highest standards. 

Make the choice to put your family first today, and reach out to us to find out how we could improve your water system.

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