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how to beat the heat in phoenix

How To Beat The Heat In Phoenix

The Phoenix heat can sometimes be a chronic problem and can even be a hindrance to enjoying your summer holiday. However, you need to learn how to beat the heat in Phoenix no matter how hot it gets. Many people including the elderly, children, the economically disadvantaged, the homeless and the socially isolated populations are extremely vulnerable to excess heat. Homes with no air conditioning for economic reasons can be hard hit by the Phoenix heat. This brings the importance of passing on knowledge on how people can deal with the Phoenix heat.

With many households choosing to stay indoors to survive Phoenix heat, you can still enjoy the summer holiday safely by observing several measures.

Looking for ways on how to survive the Phoenix heat? Here are some tips that will come in handy in helping you deal with the heat.

Air Conditioning Is Your Friend

If you want to stay cool in Phoenix, your air conditioner is not a luxury but a necessity. Hopefully, your air conditioner is in excellent condition. Air conditioners are very simple to maintain. However, if you do not take good care of them, the constant breakdowns can be a headache. Most air conditioner breakdowns are caused by the build-up of dust, grime, or dirt as they cause the AC to overwork.

How do you know whether your air conditioner is in good condition?

  • Your AC no longer blows cold air – This means that the compressor may be at fault. However, just to be sure, get help from a qualified HVAC contractor.
  • You have a hard time getting the AC started – It should not be difficult to get your AC started. If you notice that your AC delays starting, get a professional contractor to check it.
  • You are having circuit breaker problems – To protect your home from electrical hazards, your circuit breaker often trips. This happens if you overload the circuit by having too many home appliances running at the same time. However, if you notice that your circuit keeps breaking when you switch on the AC, your system could be faulty. Please do not attempt to DIY. Get professional help from a qualified HVAC company in Phoenix such as American Home Water & Air.
  • Less airflow – If you notice that there is less airflow from the vents even when the AC is still working, get help from a qualified HVAC expert. You can also check the level of airflow by placing your hands near the vent. If you don’t feel any air coming out, you need to get the system checked.
  • A noisy AC – Do not ignore any unfamiliar noise coming out of the AC. This can be screeching, growling, or clattering noises.

You do not want to experience AC breakdowns with the Phoenix heat. As such it is important to take care of your AC regardless of the season by;

  • Changing the air filter regularly – The air filter captures pollutants and air particles that can damage your system. If you do not change the air filters regularly, airflow may be limited. In the long run, this strains the systems leading to breakdowns. Ensure you change the air filters after every three months or as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Giving your AC a break – It can be difficult to switch off the AC especially with the heat in Phoenix. However, failure to do this not only overworks the system but also increases your monthly energy bills. Upgrading to a smart thermostat can be a great step as you get to control the thermostat from any location.
  • Cleaning the outside AC compressor – To ensure your AC runs efficiently, keep the condenser coils clean. It may be hard for dirty coils to absorb heat effectively. Also, ensure that you inspect the fins and straighten them if bent. Be sure to remove weeds, grass, or old leaves around the AC as they can accumulate and block airflow.

Drink Lots of Water

So cliché, right? No matter how many times you may have heard about the benefits of water, you will need to take up even more to beat the Phoenix heat. To be safe, go beyond the rule that states that you should take 8-ounce glasses of water daily especially if you are running errands outside during the day. You will also note that you sweat more during the hot days hence the need to replace the water lost by the body. Also, you can add several pinches of Himalayan salt or sea salt to your water.

Ceiling Fans

If you are wondering how to survive the Phoenix heat, ceiling fans might just save the day. They are a must-have home appliance for summer. Using ceiling fans will also allow you to give your AC a break and adjust the thermostat.

In the summer, ensure your ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise. This helps push the air down to the floor which then evaporates and creates a wind chill effect.

Still not convinced to use your ceiling fan in the summer? Here are ways in which your ceiling fan will help you to cool in Phoenix;

  • Using your ceiling fan will save up on air conditioning costs, even up to 40%
  • It will reduce the use of window or central air conditioning unit
  • You get to spend more time at the cool of your house

If you enjoy spending time out in your favourite outdoor spot, consider having an outdoor ceiling fan for the spot. If you’re having trouble with a noisy ceiling fan, then it’s best to have it checked out by professionals immediately.

Block the Sun From Your House

To prevent excess heat from your home, consider closing the blinds during the day. This blocks off excess heat and keeps it from radiating through.

Avoid turning using the oven or the dishwasher

Using the oven or dishwasher will only heat your home more. If you want to cook, consider using a crockpot.

Switch up your bulbs

If you are using incandescent bulbs in your home, consider switching them up during the summer. This is because these bulbs generate a lot of heat. To cool off your home, use fluorescent or LED lights.

Use your fan facing out not in

If you have a fan in your home, place it facing out the window. This ensures it blows air out of the room. Your home temperatures will drop as the cold air comes in. For best results, ensure you have another window open. Another trick when using a fan to cool the house off is placing frozen water bottles in front of the ice. To prevent the water from melting fast, add salt to the water before it freezes.

Turn off electronic devices

Electronics are sources of heat. This includes laptops, TVs and even computers. The more electronics that are on in your home, the hotter it will get. You might want to stay home and binge on your favourite show. However, ensure you switch off any electronics that are not being used.

Visit an ice rink near you

If you have never visited an ice rink in the Phoenix heat, you are missing out! You can enjoy many activities such as ice skating, power skating, and ice hockey and freestyle skating. Among the venues you can check out are AZ ICE, StudioSK8, Ice Den and Oceanside ice arena.

Sip on iced drinks

An iced drink can help you cool off fast on a hot day. Whether you prefer an iced tea, coffee or any other chilled drinks, be sure to grab one. And oh, some ice cream treat once in a while will make you appreciate the Phoenix heat! 

Make the pool your friend

With the Phoenix heat, the pool is your best friend. There are tons of hotels that you can enjoy an all-day splash not forgetting your home pool.

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