how to find hvac contractor in phoenix

How To Find An HVAC Contractor in Phoenix, AZ: 8 Tips

Almost all HVAC contractors in Phoenix promise to deliver the best services available in the market. However, very few honor that promise.

Finding and choosing the right HVAC Contractor is like looking for a life partner.

Do it right, and you’ll rest assured that all your HVAC appliances are well cared for.

In addition to that, you’ll not have to deal with the inconveniences and headaches that result from dealing with incompetent contractors.

How do I find the right HVAC contractors in Phoenix, AZ? What are some of the qualities I should look for?

Don’t worry. Continue reading as we share the 8 tips to locking down the right HVAC contractor.

1. Do some research

Start by going through all the licenses, insurances, and certifications that contractors must have to be verified in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sorry, but there is no other way you can be sure that the contractors have the necessary training to repair, service, or replace your systems.

Below are some of the “Arizona HVAC contractor’s requirements” you should know about:

2. Get a list of HVAC contractors available in Phoenix

Now that you know what to expect of them, it’s time you shortlisted a few contractors that have all the necessary licensing.

It’s easy. Click on the Google search bar and key in “HVAC contractors near me.” Within seconds, Google will present to you an overwhelming list of all the contractors in your area.

The other way you can go about this is by asking for recommendations from your friends and family.

Or, you can head over to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) website—a well-known website with over 60,000 HVAC contractors.

Pick a few names and head over to the next step—shortlisting.

3. Go through the reviews (Shortlisting process).

The majority of HVAC contractors in Phoenix have business websites that have review sections.

Go through the reviews to get a feel of how the HVAC company goes about its business—how they treat their customers and the quality of services they deliver.

No review section? No problem. You can get unbiased reviews from Google My Business, Yelp, and many other customer review websites.

All you have to do is key in the contractor’s business name on Google and click search.

Here is an example of an unbiased review page for American Home Water & Air—Phoenix’s leading HVAC and water filtration business.

You can also check in with your nearest Better Business Bureau office (BBB) to see if they’re any serious complaints filed against the HVAC contractors you’ve shortlisted.

Stay away from contractors with negative customer reviews.

4. How do they handle their quotations?

After shortlisting “the most well-reviewed” HVAC contractors in Phoenix, it’s time you took a look at their quotations to find out if they’re within your budget.

Do they handle their quotations and consultations over the phone? That’s already a big red flag.

It’s even worse if they try doing a home evaluation over the phone. They have to physically visit your place to be able to do an accurate home evaluation and quotation.

5. Are they within your budget?

After the in-person home evaluation, contractors then send quotations with estimates of the entire project.

Of course, you don’t want to pay more than you have to. Nevertheless, you should stay clear of contractors whose deals are too good to be true. In fact, the cheapest deals are usually the most inefficient.

It’s crucial to find the right balance between cost and efficiency.

6. Know more about your HVAC systems

Take time to research and learn more about your HVAC system. Just knowing the brand and model number isn’t enough.

We always advise clients to do more research about their systems and have some basic knowledge of how their systems work.

You shouldn’t just blindly trust a new HVAC contractor you’ve never dealt with. Some are out to take advantage of new clients.

In addition to that, don’t be afraid to ask questions about your systems. This will also help you judge whether or not the HVAC contractor knows what they are doing.

7. Take note of warranties and after-sale services

Prove us wrong, but we think that the after-sale services (maintenance and servicing) might indeed be more important than the initial installation services.

After all, what’s the use of installing an HVAC system only to have it crash a few months later?

Compare the maintenance services of each contractor and choose the one you can comfortably afford.

Warranties are the other things you should consider.

As their client, will you be protected from technical problems that aren’t your fault?

If you’re not careful, you might end up losing a lot of money.

Compare the contractors’ warranties and settle for one that is realistic and reliable.

8. The terms of the contract

First, make sure that all your conversations with the HVAC contractors are recorded.

It’s even better if you had all the agreements on paper—it’s the only way you can hold them accountable for their promises.

All quotations must be in official writing and with the right signatures and stamps.

Below are some of the things that must be in the contract before you sign:

  • The date when the work stated will commence.
  • A clear and detailed breakdown of all the costs for labor and purchase of equipment.
  • The dates when payment is due.
  • The agreed terms of payment and circumstances where refunds are valid.
  • The date when the project ought to be completed.


HVAC services are costly. For most people, they’re the second most expensive costs after the home purchase. This is why you should be very careful with who you partner and consult for all your HVAC-related issues.

We know it sounds like a lot, but following this guide will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

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