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Water Filters

remove minerals from water

How Can You Remove Minerals From Water?

What does a water softener remove? Can it replace a whole house filtration system? These are among the most common questions we hear at American Home Water and Air. Read on to better understand exactly what water softeners do and where they fit into your home filtration setup. What Does A Water Softener Remove? A water softener removes the minerals (most significantly calcium and magnesium) that make your water hard in the first place. To do this, these systems most commonly use an ion exchange process that replaces the calcium and magnesium ions for sodium or potassium ones. This process …

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lead water filter

Lead Water Filter: Is A Whole House System Effective?

If you’re shopping for a lead water filter, whole house systems will eventually pop up on your radar. But are they really effective at removing lead from your drinking water? What’s this highly toxic compound doing in your water, anyway? Today, we’ll answer these questions and more to help you ensure safe drinking water for yourself and your family. Is The Water In Phoenix Safe To Drink? It’s no secret that tap water all throughout America is of poor quality. Research has shown that millions of Americans drink water containing elevated levels of bacteria and even lead. Phoenix, Arizona is …

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