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york air conditioner review

YORK air conditioning reviews and price guide

YORK is an industry leader in heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. The company understands the importance of your home’s comfort level for you and your family. 

That’s why they offer a variety of residential equipment that can help you maintain year-round comfort. In addition, their products are designed to give you superior performance with minimum energy consumption for maximum efficiency. 

YORK provides its customers with best-in-class service and high-quality products. Read on for YORK air conditioner reviews.

YORK air conditioner reviews

TCHD 13 SEER Single-Stage Air Conditioner

The YORK TCHD 13 SEER Air Conditioner is more efficient thanks to the kind of coil that it uses. This type of air conditioner takes up less space and necessitates only six inches of clearance, saving you room in your house. 

In addition, when these air conditioners are stacked on top of each other, you may get even more cooling for the same amount of floor area. 

To top it off, this air conditioning unit also makes use of a more advanced and energy-efficient compressor. This technology makes your air conditioner more efficient and environment-friendly.

Product Facts:

  • It won’t leave a big footprint when stacked on top of each other
  • More efficient and environmental-friendly compressor
  • Cooling performance is the best

TCHE 14 SEER Single-Stage Air Conditioner

The YORK LX Series TCHE 14 SEER Air Conditioner is a small, easy-to-install model that provides pleasant conditions in your house. In addition, the ability to stack the device makes it ideal for restricted areas. 

Further, it can attain up to 14 SEER efficiency depending on size and usage when combined with a variable-speed indoor blower. 

Not to mention, the improved coil design makes it a more environment-friendly choice. 

Product Facts:

  • Environment-friendly
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Easy to install

YCD 13 SEER Single-Stage Air Conditioner

The YORK LX Series YCD 13 SEER Single-Stage Air Conditioner is healthy for you. It can last many years and has an expensive price tag. You may purchase it if you reside in Canada or the northern United States. 

The best part is that you can save on energy with this unit. The air conditioner’s design ensures that it is quiet and unlikely to cause vibrations. 

What’s more, the unit is also available with a humidity sensor. This feature makes it perfect for you if you live in an area where the air might be too dry or moist.

Product Facts:

  • Provides healthy air
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Saves energy

YCE 14 SEER Single-Stage Air Conditioner

These YORK air conditioners are tiny, yet they have a lot of features. They contain coils that meet the 14 SEER Regional Efficiency Minimum Requirements in the southeast US. You may save money on your power bills by using these units. 

The air conditioners are created, developed, and assembled in the United States. In addition, they are also designed to be compact and quiet. 

The air conditioners have an Energy Star rating, which means they are a healthy choice for your home.

Product Facts:

  • ENERGY STAR Approved
  • Compact and Quiet
  • Built in the USA 

YCG 17 SEER Single-Stage Air Conditioner

YORK LX Series YCG Single-stage Air Conditioners have excellent features in a small size. A strong compressor and direct-drive fan design keep noise to a minimum while extending the unit’s life. 

Even when little space is available, the tiny cabinet makes the YCG an ideal match. The YCG 17 is also available with a humidity sensor.

Product Facts:

  • Offers excellent features in a small size
  • Keeps noise to a minimum
  • Long expected lifespan

Understanding the YORK air conditioner price

Depending on the system you choose, your YORK dealer will provide an estimate. They’ll also consider local programs, rebates, and incentives that aid in installation expenses. Additionally, your dealer will evaluate flexible financing alternatives accessible through YORK. 

You can get a loan from them, and they may provide you with a reasonable rate. However, several variables influence the price, so it’s best to contact your local dealer and get an estimate.

Tips on how to save money on energy bills

Keep shades down to block the sun’s rays.

Keeping the shades down during the day will block the sun’s rays and prevent your air conditioning unit from working harder than it needs to. By keeping the shades up all the time, you allow the sun to heat your home. 

If you are going away for a few days, then consider setting your thermostat at 87°F while you’re gone to save money on energy bills.

Make sure your home is adequately insulated.

This can be done by installing weather stripping around windows and doors, and caulking cracks in the walls and insulation of the attic or crawl space.

Consider getting a programmable thermostat.

A programmable thermostat allows you to program your home’s temperature to certain levels and determine when the air conditioning will be turned on and off. 

Programmable thermostats are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, which makes them a good choice if you’re interested in buying one because they allow you control over how much money comes out of your pocket each month.

The importance of quality cooling systems for your home

An AC unit is an essential investment for every home, and it should not be taken lightly. You want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money by purchasing a quality cooling system that will help you save on energy costs over time. 

However, hot weather can often take its toll on homes with poor air conditioning systems, so it is important to schedule regular maintenance to ensure no problems during the summer months when temperatures rise. 

What to look for in an HVAC system 

There are many things that you should look for when choosing an AC system. The first thing is to determine the size of the unit that will be needed to cool your home effectively and efficiently. 

A professional HVAC contractor can help with this.


The above-mentioned YORK AC units reviews and tips are just some ways to have a cooler home and save on energy bills. 

By taking advantage of YORK AC prices, homeowners will find a unit that fits their needs and budget perfectly.

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