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3 of Scottsdale’s Must-See Historical Sites

Arizona’s deep history is prevalent throughout the state, and Scottsdale is no exception. We’re here today to talk to you about some of Scottsdale’s best historical sites. If you’re looking for HVAC service in Scottsdale, American Home Water & Air should be your first call.

Scottsdale Grammar School

Located at 7333 Scottsdale Mall, Scottsdale was founded in 1909 and catered to the educational needs of Scottsdale’s early residents. Today, it has been converted as the Scottsdale Historical Museum, preserving it and continuing to educate visitors on the early history of Scottsdale.

Cavalliere’s Blacksmith Shop

Sitting at 3805 North Brown Avenue in Scottsdale, you can find Cavalliere’s Blacksmith Shop. George Cavalliere opened this location as the ever-important building during the Westward Expansion, a blacksmith. As a beautiful example of the Msssion Revival style, any fans of American architecture should check it out. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this site is that it’s still a functioning blacksmith shop today, over 100 years since it was opened!

Taliesin West

The cultural and architectural influence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Arizona home, Taliesin West cannot be overstated. The spirit of Arizona’s rugged beauty is alive in the complex yet minimalist style. Today, the home serves as a tour spot, as well as the main campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

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