Size The Patriot The Patriot (Refurbished) The President The President (Refurbished) President with Big Blue
32000 GR $840 $674 $1,209 $1,097 $1,521
48000 GR $920 $758 $1,290 $1,182 $1,607
56000 GR $1,002 $843 $1,374 $1,268 $1,692
64000 GR $1,087 $928 $1,458 $1,351 $1,777
WARRANTY 5 YR. Parts 5 YR. Labor 5 YR. Parts 5 YR. Labor 10 YR. Parts 10 YR. Labor 10 YR. Parts 10 YR. Labor 10 YR. Parts 10 YR. Labor

*Both tanks and the resin on all of our new water softener systems come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. Do It Yourself Systems are Available. American Home Water and Air offers many different systems as well as refurbished units for cost conscious buyers (call for pricing) and can provide you with fast reliable installation. Our most popular water softener is the The PATRIOT, which we provide to a number of custom home builders in the Phoenix area. Home builders have buyers who look very closely at what they are purchasing and this is the system that have chosen. This system uses the Fleck 5600 Econominder control head,has the highest quality resin made, and comes with a five-year parts and labor warranty. The life expectancy of this water softener stem is 20 to 25 years.

Prices for the different water softeners we sell are listed above. Other systems can be built to your specifications. If your house is pre-plumbed for a water conditioner the installation cost is $190.00. If your house is not pre-plumbed the cost will likely be between $400 and $600. We will match any competitor’s price on similar equipment.

A Reverse Osmosis system provides bottled quality water at your kitchen sink, and can normally be connected to a refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser. An RO system actually makes water that is so pure you can see through an ice cube end to end along the edges. These systems cost between $199 and $359 installed including sales tax  but does require an extra charge for refrigerator hookups designer faucet (other than basic chrome), and to drill a granite counter top.

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