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Whole house filtration systems are the most convenient way of purifying all the water that is used in your home. Whole house water filters are categorised as point-of-entry (POE) filters because they filter all the water that enters your home, before it gets distributed to water outlets throughout your house. What this essentially means is that you can get the same quality filtered water in your shower as you do in your kitchen, without installing separate filters for your kitchen and bathroom. What are the advantages and disadvantages of whole house water filters, and should you buy one for your home?

Pros and Cons of whole house water filters

Pros of whole house water filters

Some of the most important advantages of whole house water filters can be summed up as follows:

  • Convenience: As soon as water enters your home, it gets purified, this means that you will have access to filtered water for all your water consumption needs. Whether you’re drinking tea, taking a shower or washing your clothes, you’ll be doing so knowing that the water you use is free from the damaging effect of certain contaminants.
  • Cost-efficiency: Without a whole house water filter, you may be forced to install a water filter for every important water outlet in your home. This could amount to higher costs than installing a whole house filter. More water filters also mean more maintenance. A single system means less money and time spent on maintaining two or more systems.
  • Complexity: Whole-house water filters are usually multi-stage filter systems that rely on the filtration power of more types of filter media and/or filtration methods to get rid of a vast array of contaminants that point-of-use filters may not be able to tackle. The complexity of whole house water filters also lies in the fact that these types of systems are capable of a higher filtered water output than point-of-use filters

Cons of whole house water filters

While whole house filtration systems have plenty of advantages, they do come with certain disadvantages too:

  • Whole house filters filter all water supplied to your home, without the possibility of “fine-tuning” this filtration process. Point-of-use filters like under-sink filters of shower filters can allow you to take a more targeted approach to filtration and obtain filtered water of the desired quality, instead of having drinking water quality filtered water at every water outlet.
  • Installing a whole house water filter requires more plumbing skills than installing a simple counter-top or under-sink water filter, and you may need to hire a plumber for this purpose.


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