Service Call Pricing Explained

It’s common in the A/C business for HVAC companies to do service checkups on A/C units for very inexpensive fees. This is how many companies acquire new customers.  American Home Water and Air offers a 40 Point Checkup for $59.00 during the off season and $79.00 during the Summer months. This charge slightly covers our cost to perform the checkup but is a highly valuable service for homeowners.  Often it can save customers from an expensive breakdown during times when service companies are extremely busy and the temperature is high. A/C companies generally make their money (and homeowners should always compare price) on subsequent repairs.

Beware of companies who pay their technicians on commission, which is very common in the industry.  This is why homeowners are often leery of calling service techs for repairs. Many technicians have been known to ‘recommend’ repairs that are not necessary .  Read the reviews of A/C companies and you will unfortunately find many examples of this unethical business practice.

American Home Water and Air, on the other hand, does not compensate service techs with commission whatsoever. We will also never recommend a repair that we cannot demonstrate is required.  Better still, our prices are a mere fraction of what most companies charge. Keep in mind that when we replace a part, the charge not only covers the part and installation, it also covers our one year warranty!  The cost also covers the cost of us diagnosing the problem with your system, because we do not charge the trip charge if you use us for the repair.

Our service techs are in demand and very well paid,  but can save homeowners a bundle in the long run because they do the job correctly the first time, saving you from repeat calls and unnecessary hassles.

We believe that our highly trained and honest techs provide homeowners with a reliable and cost effective way of maintaining and repairing their HVAC equipment.

We pledge to our customers that we will only recommend repairs that are required and to stand firmly behind every repair we make.


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