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As a seasoned professional with a broad range of knowledge and expertise in the water conditioning industry, Tom Atkinson has taken his knowledge to another level, making his mark as a highly respected individual in the water filtration and air conditioning arena.  For three decades, Tom has proven himself to be an authority in his field, earning a reputation as a specialist that his clients trust.  As a specialist in his field, Tom brings the qualities you would expect from a genuine professional including high integrity, quality services and superior products. His goal is always to provide the finest customer service as well as the best products for his clients throughout the greater Phoenix, AZ area. Regardless of the project, whether it is water filtration, water heaters or a heating and air conditioning system, Tom has the solutions to fit every request.

From early on in his career, Tom had a knack for technology, starting out at a Westinghouse manufacturing plant in upstate New York. As an ambitious individual, he went on to earn two undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering ultimately graduating from Corning College.  It wasn’t long after graduating that Tom started working for Sunmaster Corporation, a solar energy company, which installed some of the largest solar air conditioning installations in the world. In his role as Supervisor of these installations, Tom held the distinguished responsibility for communications with scientists and engineers from the Marshal Space Flight Center and Argonne National laboratory where he was overseer of installations at several Department of Energy demonstration projects as well as an installation at the Frenchman’s Reef Holiday Inn in the U.S. Virgin Islands. At the time, the site was the largest solar air conditioning system in the world.  Eventually, his expertise led to his becoming Plant Manager where he was in charge of production, purchasing and the quality control departments.  Although he was only a mere twenty seven years of age, based on his performance Tom was in charge of overseeing architects and engineers that were far more mature in years. His far-reaching experience at Sunmaster led to his gleaning the skills to operate a small business, which inspired his desire to run his own small company.  Besides the fact that he and his wife Jody both wanted to move to a warmer climate, the time was ripe to start something new.  Once gathering the resources, he kept an eye out for the type of business opportunity that would satisfy his dream to open his own small business.

Once the thought was clear, one of Tom’s childhood friends and later co-founder of American Home Water & Air, Tom Knapp, asked Tom Atkinson and his wife Jody Atkinson to be their guests in Arizona.  While there, the couple found the area to be everything they wanted and a perfect place to raise their kids.  Besides the strong economy and the warmer weather, the lifestyle in the area was ideal for the couple, which led to their taking the next step and moving to Arizona.  It was then that Tom and his good friend Tom Knapp started a solar energy company, which eventually led to solar water heating, water softening and water filtration systems.  A feather in Tom’s cap was the solar installation of an 800 square foot solar array at the home of Barry Goldwater.  Although Tom enjoyed installing solar water heaters and pool heaters along with water softeners in the 80’s, the solar industry wavered and tax credits came to an end.

Coincidentally, at around the same time the solar industry fell apart, Tom had become interested in Reverse Osmosis technology, which had become an important alternative for drinking water in residential homes. This was a huge challenge for Tom, since it was obvious that the hard water in Arizona was extremely damaging to plumbing, appliances and the overall quality of life.  Because of (Cont.)

Tom’s interest in water filtration, this became an important move in his career, giving him a chance to use his skills in a more technical manner, which prompted the birth of American Home Water & Air.

As the Co-founder of American Home Water & Air, Tom applied his skill by focusing on sub-contracting installation for builders and remodelers, although he also subcontracted installations for major water companies such as Culligan and Kinnetico.  As a result, in the past three decades, he and his company have installed over 1,000 Kinnetico (locally Maricopa Water) and Culligan units in addition to installing 50,000 systems in both residential and commercial environments.

Since the inception of his company, Tom witnessed many water filtration companies leaving Phoenix, Arizona while his company’s reputation continued to grow.  This was due in large part to Tom’s expertise and integrity regarding water filtration systems. Above and beyond, he has always conveyed a level of trust and knowledge that instills confidence in his abilities. Not being a pushy salesperson, Tom prefers to encourage his clients to make educated decisions based on quality purchases. If you spoke with Tom today, you’d probably hear him saying something like the following: “I know that people want to get what they need for the best price and so they seek out someone that will be fair.  It can be hard for customers to understand why prices vary so much in the water conditioning industry, but there is always an explanation. I take the time to share in detail the differences so that each customer knows where they stand and what’s best for their situation. Potential customers soon discover that we really care about each customer and will do everything in our power to help them make the right decision.”

Adding to his long line of accomplishments, Tom and his wife Jody have been married since July 1976 and this year they celebrate 38 years of marriage.  The strength of their marriage stems from the joy they take in traveling, ballroom dancing, riding horses and attending local sporting events. They are also very proud parents of Mathew and Diane.  Matt has an MBA from the W. P. Carey School of business at ASU and Diane graduated with a Masters degree from the University of New England as Physicians Assistant.  Matt is happily married to Nicole, with both he and his wife being employed by Apple at their headquarters in Cupertino, California. Diane is happily married to Nick Rinaldi, a Henniker New Hampshire police officer and works as a Physicians Assistant at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire.  She recently gave the proud grandparents a beautiful granddaughter, Chloe.

For additional information, Tom can be reached by contacting him at or by phone at 602-377-4761 where he is available for consultations.


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